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2011 Finishes
Click on the links below for a picture and details about each project.

Bluebirds Needles and Pins
Merry Primitive Christmas
Good Tidings To You
PS Ornament
Happy Skater
Festive Redbird
Gathering Basket
Tulip House Stitching Companion
A Christmas Song
Scandanavian Mitten Ornament
Skating in Central Park
Winter Sheep
The Merry Skater
Joy to the World
Cardinal Winter
Frosty Flakes
Chrsitmas Eve Deer
Jenny Bean's Pin Tuffet
Santa ornament
Snowy Eve
Little Green Tree
Merry Christmas
Wee Santa
BBD Reindeer Stocking
Reindeer Pillow
Blackbird Cupcake
Cardinal Cupcake
Cardinal Needlebox
BBD Motif Pillow
Rosemary Pinkeep
Prairie Schooler 2011 Santa
PS Crow and Pumpkin
Delivering Posies
Snowy Nights Snowman
Summer ABC
Love Letters
One Flag
Soft Spring
Halloween Markings
All Hallows Eve
Trick or Treat Stocking
A Stitch in Thyme
Sew A Brown Bunny
Folk Art Bunny Egg Box
Peacock Needlebook
Peacock Sewing Box
Tulip House Sewing Box
Tulip House Stitching Companion
Secret Egg Hunt
Spring Day
Jenny Bean's Pin Tuffet
Gathering Basket
Feather Your Nest
Emma Rose Friendship
As The Crow Flies
Halloween Cove
PS Winter
Have Ye Any Wool
Beehive Pillow
Summer Fun
Heart in the Garden

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