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2009 Finishes
Click on the links below for a picture and details about each project.

My Needles Work
Christmas in My Heart
O Christmas Tree
White Christmas
Mini Santa
PS Snowman Tree
Silver and Gold
Our Christmas Tree
PS Angel Tree
Celebration Winter
Noel Ornament
Spooky Sheep
4 Bats & A Cat
Spooky Witch Hat
Little Pumpkin in the Patch
Happy Pumpkin NR
Spook-A-Boo Biscornu
Thanksgiving Biscornu
Spring Garden
Daffodil Run
The Bee Charmer
Lavender Blossoms Biscornu
Halloween Pumpkins Biscornu
Patriotic Summer
A Time for Everything (carry-over)
Alphabet w/Hare
Life and Liberty
PS Rabbit
Curly Q Ewe
Floss Tag
Patriotic Sheep
Ornament for Amy
Queen Bee
Busy Needle
PS Santa
Springtime Pinkeep
Beehive Sampler
Peace & Quiet
Liberty Tin Sewing Box
Coussinet de la Brodeuse
Gift of Peace (Carry-over from 2008)
PS Nativity (Carry-over from 2008)
Sail Away (Carry-over from 2008)
A Christmas Song
She Tends
A Chicky Easter
Santa and Friends Ornament
Red Winged Blackbird
A SunShiny Shower

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