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"There Is Good, There Is Evil, & Then There Is Batman..."

55555Batman is the fictional crime fighter all cities wish they had. He fights with no super powers, like many other comic characters, but with the skills he has learned through his training in the martial arts. He believes strictly for justice to be carried out by the law and never has a criminal or enemy died by his hands purposely.

Batman is businessman Bruce Wayne, the son of billionaire Dr. Thomas and Martha Wayne whom were brutally murdered by an unknown person (Joe Chill At One Point) on their way home with young Bruce from seeing "The Mark of Zorro" and left him alone. After his parents death, Bruce swore to avenge their deaths and traveled the world along with his butler as well as friend Alfred Pennyworth to learn the skills he now possesses to help him in avenging his parents deaths.

Upon his return to Gotham City, the Dark Knight was born!