The True Definition of a Redneck
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The True definition of a Redneck

The True Definion of a Redneck

PS. Please visit my guestbook and tell me how you felt about my page. If u want to email me about your thoughts on this page (feel free to) my e-mail adress is below. My name is Andrew Turner, I am 20 and the biggest redneck, cowboy there is, not to mention I wrote this website when i was 12 and still agree with every word in it. I was raised in spartanburg sc and have a home in rabun gap, clayton ga. Now i am a us marine corps firefighter and am currently stationed in Jacksonville NC. My home page is also in the links to find out a little bit about me. I also have an updated photo gallery with many pictures. ********************************************************************************************** ********************************************************************************************** View My Guestbook
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