Aeka Hating, Ryoko Loving Idiots vs. Ryoko Hating, Aeka Loving Idiots

Jaf the RHALI speaks!Hello and welcome one and all to the homepage for AHRLIs and RHALIs!! For years we have been cast out of every decent webpage because of our controversIal vIews and antIcs, and now we shall begIn our quest for world dominatIon!!!! StartIng wIth thIs crappy homepage!!! Are you an AHRLI? Are you a RHALI? Do you have something to say to the AHRLIs or RHALIs of the world?! This Is your soapbox!! ThIs Is your mIcrophone!! Stealth and I are rIngmasters to thIs circus, but you and your contrIbutIons are our maIn attractIons! We set you up, you knock the shIt out of yourselves!! We are uncensored, unsympathetIc extremIsts!! We are the ones that take an anIme too serIously! We are the ones that wIll lead you Into a new world of IdIotIc wonder and mystery!! And all you have to do to joIn us Is place your hand on the big "I" and say, "I AM READY TO LET MY IDIOCY RUN FREE THROUGH MY VEINS AND NEVER AGAIN LISTEN TO THE LOGICAL RAMBLINGS OF THE SIMPLE FAN EVER AGAIN!!!" God has made you eIther a Ryoko IdIot or an Ayeka IdIot. If you are not one or the other, then you do not exIst.

Stealth the AHRLI speaks! Damn. I thought that punk would never shut up. What's the deal with all the bIg I's? What a freakIn IdIot. Anyway, Mr. RHALI wIll decIde what goes on the sIte. To be honest, I aIn't really sure what's goIn on. I'm just tryIn to make the sIte look halfway respectable. Let me just get a couple a thIngs straIght....Jaf's a dumbass...okay, that's It. Enjoy the sIte!

What it is? Stealth Juggalo Has two audio clips of debates between myself and JuggaloJaf. Real high tech shit. Check it out below.

Hey!! What it is?!! This is Jaf, and I just went and asked a close personal friend of mine, Dr. Shagg to do a psychomological type evalumation of the AHRLILAHR site! And, wouldn't ya know, he had one all done for us before we even got there!!! He must like to do this crap for fun or something, I dunno. What a fruitcake. Anyway, here's Dr. Shagg's evaluations!!

More shit?? Did you say there was more shit to see on this site???? Hell yeah!! Check out the site's mascot, the big fucking I!!! WHOO!!!


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