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Welcome to Space Cowboy's and ~*purtyshang's*~ Home Page !!!

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     Hello! *S* I am the Space Cowboy part of this home page. I am a 25 yr. old stay at home father of two boys from Kentucky. The oldest of the two is 3 years old and the other will be a year old soon. They are my whole world. *S* I stay at home because of a disability that I was born with called "Spina Bifida". It causes me to be unable to go out and work secularly but my wife (purtyshang) is very understanding of this so she goes out and works while I stay at home being "Mr. Mom" and taking care of things here. *S*
     Well, that's about all that I have to say for now. *S* I have just started this page and will be working on it and adding to it pretty regularly from now on. So please check back in with us from time to time. *S* And thanx for coming in to see us!

     Hello! I'm ~*purtyshang*~, the other half of this home page. *S* I'm the dedicated mother of the two boys in which Space Cowboy was referring to as well as trying to be a Loving and understanding wife to him. I work at our Big K-Mart here where we live. In my spare time, I like to play with the boys and spend as much quality time with SC as I can. When we are alone, we like to chat with all our friends at Fantassia's Palace. I would like to THANK everyone that has already visited us and would like to see you all again soon. Well, I guess this about does it for me for right now. Thanks again and I hope to see you all in Fantassia's Palace! *S*

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