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These cards were inserted into specific Simpsons, Radioactive Man, Bartman, and Itchy & Scratchy comics. The number on the top is the card number, and the writhing beneath it states which comic it is from. The left-hand picture is the front of the card, and the right hand picture is the back. These cards were inserted to promote the Simpsons Series II cards that were being co-released by Bongo and Skybox back in 1994.

Note: the cards that do not come with a picture of an instructional card that is attached below them (B1,B2, B4, and B6), do not have a second card attached to them at all. Instead, they have a double case of plastic, with one on the cases left blank. To see a picture of this, click on full picture of card. To see the comic that the card came from, click on the title above it.

Simpsons Comics #4

Radioactive Man #412 (4)

Itchy & Scratchy #3

Simpsons Comics #5

Bartman #3

Radioactive Man #679 (5)

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