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Welcome To The Shrine Of The Scorpion

Scorpio Spade
History Of Scorpio Spade

Scorpio Spade....He stands 6 feet and 7 inches tall with Blue hair And eyes that Shine ... His Mom Alice Spade Died Giving birth to a baby boy who was kiddnaped shortly after being born Scorpio's Dad was not there to protect him due to the fact he works for a goverment agency and hardly ever gets time to see His Beloved Alice...Alex Spade Scorpio's Father Dissapeared One day And Scorpio Was Kidnapped shortly after birth by his Uncle Edward Spade..His Uncle took good care of him as if Scorpio Was his own son and Taught him how to fight on the streets and Deal with Scum in L.A. .. After Edward Died Scorpio Inherated the Sacred Famly Sword the Claderon Blade this sword is made of Unknown Metal and Contains the energy equal to that of a Exploding Planet.
Scorpio Continued to train in LA untill there was no more crime YES thats right scorpio alone Cleaned out the entire city of LA.. Scorpio Traveled from city to city Cleaning out the scum until one day he got so strong his own aura opened a hole in reality and sent him to the Lunar Realm ....
Young Scorpio
Scorpio met Aquarius in the Lunar realm and Aquarius took in Scorpio And Trained him in the Sacred Gaurdian Arts.. Scorpio And Aquarius Discoverd the reason his Aura was so strong is because he was in Fact the Gaurdian of Power as we know it This Suprised Scorpio And Aquarius Even More... Scorpio Made a Home in the Lunar Realm Called the "Tower Of Power" Scorpio Continues his Training to Master the Arts of the Skills of the Gaurdians Scorpio Made Armor out of pure power and Called it the Claderon Armor (The Claderon Battle Suit)...Scorpio Met a Purple Haired Warrior One day named JUNO..
Aquarius V.Astral
Juno and Scorpio Were Freinds At the start But Juno Was Chosen to Protect the Demon Seal By The High Gaurdian's orders... Scorpio And juno had to say goodbye and Scorpio was once again alone With his freind Aquarius ...Over the years Aquarius and Scorpio Trained with eachother..Aquarius was in Awe on how strong Scorpio Could Grow so quickly and easily..One Day Juno Came back but he wasnt quite the same..Juno has become evil And is now out to destroy the Lunar Realm..Its up to Scorpio And Aquarius To seal Juno away And So scorpio Decides to stay In the Lunar Realm To Help Aquarius And the Lunars...After Being in the Lunar Realm for so Long With Aquarius Scorpio Learned The Skills And Ways of Lunars And the Gaurdian and Has become one of the strongest Beings in the Lunar Realm..Scorpio Still Continues to train under Aqurius.. Scorpio Has Masterd The Skill Of the DarkMoon,Tiger,Scorpion Sting, And the Dragon With these Skills He has made a Weapon out of pure power called the Claderon Claw a Golden claw that Can Slice Cleanly through Most metals and has Power Equal to that of a massive meteor Strike The kind that would cause a Global Killer..Scorpio Still Lives in the Lunar Realm and Serves Aquarius And Protects the Lunar realm And Everything In the Lunar Dimension..Scorpio's Father Alex Came Back One Day but Like Juno He has been put under a Strong influence and Is out to kill His Sone..Aquarius Discoverd this and Put a barriar around the Lunar Realm to keep Alex out....Scorpio Doesnt know his father is alive and is out to kill him but scorpio will have to face him when the time comes...Scorpio Has trained severly under The Teachgings of the Gaurdians and Is a Very Powerful warrior he isnt the person you would Like to meet in a back ally on a dark rainy night...