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Name : Hexus DeathStone
Age : Eternal
Sex : Male
Height : Varies
Weight : ??? lbs
Hair Color : White/Red
EyeColor : BMR Red
Skin Color : Pitch Black
Body Frame : Varies
Intelligence: UNDISCLOSED
Constitution: UNDISCLOSED
Race: Dark Blood Lunar Devil
Job: Reality's Overlord
Ethics: Good
Level: V++
Money: ?
Element: Dismal/Time/Space/Darkness/Absolute
History: Born out of chaos from the creation of the strongest, and most potental beigns of the lunar world, Hexus' first thought of awarness is opening his eyes to see the darkness of nonexistance, as it slowly diminished over reality's first light. He was created by the cosmic energy that the light gave off as the physical composition of his being was made up of everything between the Kiran and BloodForge conflict. His materialization occured just as reality's light diminished the darkness surrounding him as he arrived at the begginning of all creation through the time vortex originally created by BloodForge. Hexus has all the memories and wisdom of thoes who were involved, thus he was created self aware with everything that needs to be known. Raw from the conflict Hexus spent a period of time just floating around in the light of exisia untill he developed a personality through floating spiritual meditation. Hexus desired to fix everything that would happen as a reasult of this conflict that was destined to occure. Hexus created a sanctuary all to himself that was a conglomeration of all the memories from each lifetime, followed by a world he would seal away at the very bottom of reality, where no one would reach the paradox of possibilities. Hexus created BlackHell in the spirit world, just as the light of existance went on to create the physical world. Hexus created an extremly strong Devil, it was his first creation, this devil would later be known as "Izer". Izer served Hexus, the two of them living inside his sanctuary within the deepest bowels of BlackHell. Hexus witnissed the creation of the first beings, the lunar race, such as Balthazar, and Thanos for example. Hexus at this point, decided he wanted the servant he created, to be a "female". Hexus created a body for Izer, that of a purestrain devil lady, whom was cold elementally based between water and crystal. Izer inhabited the body from the etheral world, in thus becoming the "first born" being in all the layers of "hell". Hexus told Izer "Your king shall arrive shortly afte I leave, though always remember that it is I who am your lord, and this world is your home, protect your king, protect your home, that is your purpose, for if this world were ever to be destroyed, it's fragments would collide with the physical world and cause an unimaginable catastophic event, it would be called the black armageddon, to protect this world is to prevent that event to ever happen" it was just as easily as Hexus created her, that the devil lady "Izer" understood her purpose. Hexus called out to a demon who was born in the mortal world, leading him to find BlackHell. This demon was the first of it's imparticular kind, he was called Narcosis, a burning demon who had the ability of a million inferno flames. Hexus spread his arms, creating the dimensional boundrys of "Hell" each district (ring) having it's own law. "THis will be your world, you will be it's king, bear a child with this woman, but do not take her to be your wife, Narcosis" he told the Demon. It was under the command of Hexus, that Narcosis began to rule the lands of Hell, thus enstating the "Hellstorm Family" as well as the "Izer Family" though Narcosis never took "Izer" the devil created by Hexus, to be his wife. Izer's family and Narcosis' family formed an alliance to keep the souls who would find their way to darkhell, supressed among the dark families. Hexus went back to the etheral world, spending time studying the realm's creation and monitering it's progress. Hexus confronted a sage one day, baring a red ruby no bigger than his fist "You Sage, shall protect this stone, and pass it's dark secrets down among the demons in your family, fear not your demonic origin, for it shall protect your children." The sage was left with a small ruby that would eventually come to be known as the "Blood Moon". The purpose of the blood moon, was to protect the sage's family, so that one day it could harvest for them, the secrets of the devil race's spirit. It was from a series of generations, Hexus witnessed the birth of someone within the sage's family, who would become an essential to the future, a dark sage named Belial. Leaving Belial's future in his own hands Hexus returned to his sanctuary in blackhell, it was there in his meditation he remembered that Kris, a young astral boy, would soon find his way into BlackHell through a distortion in the mortal world. Hexus awaited Kris, and when the day came, he raised the young man to become, who would in the future be known as, "Kiran". Kiran and Hexus spent generations in the sanctuary of BlackHell, while supplying his young "Student" with whatever he needed in order to become the suitable host for Hexus' own abilities. Hexus enstates his existance within Kiran before he left back to the physical world, eventually the sage Belial, had a son named DarkForge, who would have to encounter Kiran. Hexus already knew the result, and planned to exist within a secret "time loop" countless times over, each time he was re-instated through this time loop, his abilities would become ever greater for each reverse that drew him to the beginning of time. Someday, when Hexus was ready, he knew he could use the blood moon, that existed beyond the time loop (Since it was not destroyed) to escape the repetition of history. But by then, what would he desire to do, will Hexus ultimatly turn out to be a friend..Or a foe?

Hexus Deathstone, the superior being.