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Name: Scorpio
Age : 30
Sex : Male
Height : 7'4"
Weight : 295lbs
Hair Color : Blue
Eyes : Blue
Strength: N/A
Intelligence: N/A
Dexterity: N/A
Wisdom: N/A
Charisma: N/A
Constitution: N/A
Defence: N/A
HP : N/A
MP : N/A
Race : Lunar Human
Job:Gaurdian Of Power
Ethics: Good
Level: Z
Gold: N/A

Weapons and Equpiment:
Claderon Blade
(Atk X96)

Claderon battle Suit
(def X96)

Claderon Claws
(Atk +290,000,000,000)

Claderon Lighting Power Scythe
(Def,int,Wis,Dex X200 All Stats)

Character Background: His History is Fully Detailed Please go to the Website Linked to this Text To Veiw His History