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Name:Ragnarok Velora
Age : 21
Sex : Male
Height : 6'4"
Weight : 197 lbs
Hair Color : Black
Eyes : Blue
HP :100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000
MP :100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000
Dragon Lance
Dragon Uniform
Dragon Gloves
Dragon Hairclips
Race: AlphaSaiyan
Job: Dragon Warrior
Ethics: Neutral
Level: V++
Money: 300,000
Element: EternalDragon
Ultimant Dragon Weapon Special Job Class Special Magic Or Skill Special Skill
History : Ragnarok is indeed the Sacred Saiyan born once every 1000 years,not Goku or Broli,Ragnarok is troubled often by his past but thanks to his stepbrother Reap he was able to overcome his fears and confront the strongest of all eternal dragons. Ragnarok defeated the eternal StarShenrong and fused with him to inherate the skills of the Eternal Dragons everywhere and become a true Alpha Saiyan. Ragnarok's power level is far too high to even be listed by anything numbers could possibly chart in evaluation,Ragnarok assists Reap in every possible way he can,Ragnarok is also the bodyguard of Reap's wife, Ragnarok's own Sister "Armageddon", Ragnarok has a younger brother named Chaos, a son named Darien, and Ragnarok's wife is Celine. Ragnarok and Reap are childhood freinds and fight side by side,it was through fighting side by side with eachother in countless battles that Reap became brave enough to help Ragnarok defend his family from Freiza and in doing so Reap met Armageddon.Reap respects Ragnarok as family as Ragnarok looks up to Reap somwhat as a Father. Years after the 26th world martial arts tournament he was called away to protect Namek, upon arriving there he learned from the elders of the Namek Dragonballs that a group of terrorist Nameks werre terrorizing the planet making threats to wish for it to blow up, Ragnarok hunted them down and challanged them, of Course being the pig headed nakes they are they accepted....hours passed and Ragnarok was still toying with them Ragnarok was untoucable none of them could land a single hit, upon realizing Ragnarok was far too strong the terrorist group made 1 of there wishes...for Ragnarok to be weak...of course the ONLY way this could possibly happen is if his body was weak and not able to sustain the unrivaled techniques they encounter from fighting with his body became weaker and he was transformed by the Namek Dragon into a child, even still Ragnarok was untoucable by these rouge nameks, they still couldnt land a single hit on him as young as he became, they made there second wish...For Ragnarok to be sent far out into space away from Namek...And there third wish..For Ragnarok to lose a large portion of his memories...With this the Dragon granted there wishes and Ragnarok woke up in a medical bay with a man named Mephesto....This man seemed familiar to Ragnarok...but even now Ragnarok is bedazzled and does not know who he can trust. So his story begins again reliving his childhood without any memories of his wife, children or what he was as an adult. not even fate can say what is in store for this young Saiyan.