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Name: Bianca Royale Shade
Age: 17
Sex: Female
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 112 lbs
HairColor: Blonde
EyesColor: Sky Blue
SkinColor: Pale-White
BodyFrame: Slim/Firm
Strength: 100,000,000,000
Intelligence: 100,000,000,000
Dexterity: 100,000,000,000
Wisdom: 100,000,000,000
Charisma: 100,000,000,000
Constitution: 100,000,000,000
Defence: 100,000,000,000
HP: 100,000,000,000
MP: 100,000,000,000
Race: Lunarian
Job: Dojo owner/teacher
Ethics: Rightious
Level: V
Money: 0
Element : Moon
History:Bianca Royale was born into a wealthy and quite well known noble family. Most of her relatives were known martial artists that studied and participated in a group known as the Kigison. Bianca's father refused to have anything to do with such nonsense. He was a business man and lived his life in what he called "reality" away from the stories of the Kigison. He took his family and moved living on their own away from such teachings and raising Bianca how he saw fit. When Bianca was 2, a war broke out between her family and another.Fearing for her life, Bianca's father sent her to the hiding place of the Kigison to be protected and guarded by her great uncle. Even though he didn't agree with the teachings of the Kigison, he knew Bianca would be safe there and was with family. There she was raised to learn the ancient art known as the Shaolin. She was very quick to learn and was one of the best pupils in the Kigison. The kigison had 4 known martial techniques. Bianca learned one and soon found it had a counterpart taught to a young man. The young man that was taught this part was Rudo, Biancas's much older cousin who was in love with Bianca and tried to reason with her to love him as well. But Bianca didn't return his feelings. Soon after Bianca turned 17, people from the haven visited her great uncle. Her uncle spoke of the great war breaking out, and the trouble the Kigison was having. While the newcomers were there, the group known as the Akamakazi, sworn enemies to the Kigison invaded and attacked the village. Torian and Eclipse did all they could to help protect them keeping Bianca safe. Bianca tried desperately to protect her great uncle but was unable to. It was then upon his death that Bianca learned her uncles last request was that Eclipse and Torian take her back to the haven with them so that she might see the outside world. Bianca protested, not wanting to leave her uncle behind, but he insisted and being that it was his last request she obeyed and left the village. Years passed, Bianca helped Eclipse with many of his journies along with Torian. Bianca began developing feelings for Torian through their travels but was afraid to act upon them, not truely knowing his feelings for her. Time came when Eclipse bought a piece of land on the mainland. There he set up a dojo and offered Bianca the choice to teach others her Shaolin style. Bianca greatfully accepted. She resided in the small apartment above the dojo. Soon after getting settled there Bianca returned to the Kigison monestary to find the monestary had been destroyed and many of the survivors fled Kigison in fear of their lives. She returned saddened to the Haven to find Torian. After returning, she learned from Aquarius that Torian left heart broken thinking that Bianca didn't want to be with him. She searched vainly for him but to no avail. Many years went by while Bianca taught anyone willing to learn her Shaolin style. Then one day, Aquarius told Eclipse and Bianca that Torian had been seen in a town just outside the ozeals. They went in search to find him. They met up with Torian's older brother Ildon at a bar in the town. The three managed to find Torian, drunken and completely "broken" in an alley in the back. Ildon immediately attacked Torian trying to get him to fight back, but in the midst of all that happened, Bianca stepped in and was run through by Ildon's blade. As she crumpled to the ground, she confessed her love to Torian. Torian and Eclipse managed to save her and take her to a hospital where she recovered with the guiding watch of Torian. She soon recovered and began teaching again. She and Eclipse bought the land of Kigison and Eclipse left the title to her. She began to set up a dojo there similar to the one she had on the mainland. She brought back many of the original villagers and their families and began to rebuild the once great Kigison. It was here that Torian and Bianca began training together. Bianca taught him the majority of her knowledge of the Shaolin style Heaven Fist. But unfortunately, she didn't know the counterpart of her style, so Torian's training remained incomplete. They resided in Kigison for quite some time together until Torian disappeared. Bianca was hurt, but she pressed on. For years, Bianca did well enough on her own, until a time came when Rudo returned. Demanding that Bianca marry him and continue the traditions, he forced her to agree to marry him. Bianca protested and finally made an agreement with him that she would seek out Torian, and if Torian did not return, nor want to return when she found him, she would then marry her own cousin as the request of her great uncle to follow tradition. Rudo gave her a time limit and Bianca agreed telling him that she would leave the next day to seek him out. She left the dojo in his care. The night before she planned to leave, Rudo took advantage of her, raping her. Bianca more determined than ever to find Torian slipped out in the night. She saught Aquarius for his help as he had once before helped her and she knew that he would not refuse her. She learned of the kidnapping of Aquarius' eldest daughter. Torian had been sent to find her. Aquarius gave Bianca the only information he had to find him. Taking what she knew,and realizing that Torian didn't leave becuase he no longer wanted to be with her, but was hired for a very secret mission, Bianca managed to track him down at a hotel. There she and Torian came to terms with their feelings of each other and they committed themselves to each other. Bianca stayed with him for a few more months while they plotted how to get Aquarius' daughter and return her home. Finally they were successful and returned Destiny to the haven. Torian and Bianca returned home to Kigison to find that Rudo had taken over the land and changed everything there was. Bianca was heartbroken, upset,and mad. She made many attempts to get Rudo to stay and teach with her and Torian, but Rudo refused throwing traditions, and family requests and anything he could use against her. It came to a decision, Bianca had to marry Rudo, or Torian and Rudo were to duel to the death. Regretting her deceision, she and Torian worked out a plan, and she married Rudo for tradition sake and the sake of all she created on Kigison. With this agreement, Rudo taught Bianca the Hell's Fist style. In turn, Bianca would spend her time teaching students and Torian. Torian had trained with the Akamakazi and learned their styles. He thought that if they should return once again to rein havoc upon the kigison, they would be better prepared this way. Bianca and Torian, under the nose of Rudo, began a torrid affair, spending their time training and creating a new style of fighting based on the 3 they knew and making love hidden in the apartment of the dojo. Months went by, Bianca grew tired of her life with Rudo, and fighting her desires to be with Torian. She and Torian began to deduce a plan to shame Rudo and hopefully end the marriage. Setting the plan into motion, Bianca upset Rudo, and he attacked her, hurting her. She crept from bed and a woman whom was hired replaced her taking pictures of her and Rudo together as if it were an affair. Bianca went to Torian, but was in great pain. Torian, worried for Bianca's safety feared for her and called for help. With the help of Aquarius and Nakonia, Bianca learned she was pregnant, and that she could renounce her marriage to Rudo due to lack of government. By marrying in the Haven, her marriage to Torian would be legal and her marriage to Rudo void. After spending weeks recovering in the med lab of the haven, Bianca and Torian wed. Bianca had a son named Johnathan Shade. She and Johnathan remained for a period of time at the haven. She and Nakonia becoming close friends. Their sons playmates. Once Torian had everything in Kigison controlled and under his power, he called for Bianca to return to him. She and Johnathan returned to Kigison. They raised their son together, and together taught the studens of Kigison, both the light fist, and hell's fist styles...along with a new style they invented together, the Akamakigison fighting style.