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By using the charachter generator to make an official subscription, bringing in an unofficial charachter for a trial run or independantly hosting your own pages that are approved to be used in the LR RPG, you are agreeing to the following terms and code of conduct as well as acknowledging the rights of reservation by the RPG.

* The LR RPG reserves right of ownership over charachters used in the RPG itself. Anyone brought in the room or used in the game, ultimatly is contributing that charachter to the LR RPG.

* The LR RPG reserves the right to withdraw,change or rewrite storylines around or based on your charachters, without warning. (Only done under extreme conditions or prolonged absences)

* The LR RPG reserves the right independantly use charachters for storylines, rather they are registered or otherwise, rather it be as PC or NPC.

* The LR RPG holds dominion over official char pages, if a page is self hosted, and replicated or not directly linked to a group or catagory, it is not a real char, or the real page of that char in context. All official char pages SHOULD be accessable directly from the website, by means of a direct link.

* The LR RPG reserves YOU the right to "rent" or "play" as pre-made charachters (otherwise known as NPC's) if you do not wish to create a charachter of your own to donate to the RPG.

* You Agree not to use "Donated" or "NPC" charachters of the RPG outside of the RPG storylines. What comes into the RPG stays in the RPG.

* You Agree to respectivly RP logicaly within LR standards, this means no speedfighting or "confirmations" of deaths or "I hit you"'s, general godmoding or pesterance within the RPG will be cause to have you removed.

* You acknowledge the fact that there are many "pricks" out in the RP chat world and ultimatly this simple code of conduct is here to benifit you as players who actually want to Quest, RP and Duel for the fun of RPG.

What the heck, i'm just a little baby and dont understand all this 0.0 I want my mommy! (I disagree)

Sure, yeah why not, it's just a game right? let me in i'll RP with you guys. (I Agree)