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Ikariam - World Gamma


  • Scientists: 16
  • Research Points: 171
  • per Hour: 16

Research Overview

Knowledge is power. And more knowledge is more power. Do you want to know more? Click here now!


In the library you will find information for all areas of research!

Research Advisor

Current Research

  • Pitch


    That is some tough and badly smelling liquid our scientists have found there! But since we stick it onto our ships there are hardly any holes we have to mend! Effect: 4% less upkeep for ships

    Not enough research points.
    • 2,236
  • Improved resource gathering


    Some time has passed since we learned how to use the treasures of our island for our needs. We should now educate our workers and let every forest, quarry or vineyard, every sulphur pit or crystal mine administer by men who are not only strong but also skilful. This way we will gather even more income and our civilization will get richer than ever!

    Not enough research points.
    • 1,204
  • Polytheism


    Man cannot rationally explain everything that happens in the world. And whenever he cannot explain it, the answer is sought from the gods. Gods are like humans on the one hand, but are very different on the other hand. After all, what other kind of rational explanation can the unexplainable have? Allows: Temples and Miracles

    Not enough research points.
    • 1,428
  • Siege


    With a ram`s head made of metal and the strength of ten men we can even tear down town walls. Now it will be easy for our soldiers to conquer other towns! Allows: Building battering rams in the barracks

    Not enough research points.
    • 1,032

Town navigation

Resources of your Empire

Town`s resources

  • Population: 34 (150)
  • Action Points: 3
  • Building material: 622
    Storage capacity Building material: 49,500
  • Wine: 2
    Storage capacity Wine: 49,500
  • Marble: 130
    Storage capacity Marble: 49,500
  • Crystal Glass: 2,157
    Storage capacity Crystal Glass: 49,500
  • Sulfur: 809
    Storage capacity Sulfur: 49,500

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