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In 1986, Coleco Industries created a line of outer space toys called STARCOM. It continued into 1987, but Coleco later went out of business. The line was continued and increased by Mattel in Europe.

This site is devoted to the most intricately planned toy line of all time. Everything, with very minor exceptions fits with each other. As far as I can figure, it was meant to bolster pride in the American space program.

There were two factions.

The first was an all American and racially diverse lineup of heroic defenders of peace and scientific research throughout our solar system. (Although, in Europe, all of the Starcom vehicles, do not have American flag emblems.)

The second was led by Emperor Darque, a "mad scientist type", who had some disreputable troops under his belt.

Then there was his robotic creation, General Torvek, who commanded the endless army of robot drones.

There were three main characters who appeared frequently in the cartoon series, but sadly never saw action figure form. They were:

Kelsey, a Starcom starbase command officer who is very close to the three Starcom branch Colonels.

Admiral Franklin Brickley, Starcom's commanding officer.

Malvana, a female Shadow officer, who always plotted treacherous schemes for power. I suspect that she is, in fact, Emperor Darques daughter!

I am an expert on all American first & second series items. I am almost as good on the European second & third series.

Asking questions and volunteering information is always welcome!!


1. I have a Canadian second series pamphlet, it shows previously unknown guys and name switched guys. Can someone "in the know" clear this up for me?

2. I possess two versions of General Torveks gun, (one has a peg on the back, the other has a peg on the top). Any info?

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