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Where have you been,
are you still on my side?
Is that love or regret
that I see in your eyes?
How many times did we play out this game
Every time we come close,
the answer was always the same
I guess some get restless under the skin
It is more than half less of marrying men
I know that I love you
So tell me what do you want,
yeah from a crazy person like me?
I need a ring on my finger,
champagne on ice
a man that shows me the best things in life
Is that what you want?
Or what you need?
Yeah, that's what I need
A home,a family makes sense for us
A solid foundation and only trust
Do you think you can find that with someone like me?
Two arms that hold you,
only one place to be
Maybe you are just some things that a woman needs
I have been cheated so many times
But when I met you I knew
You are all that I've wanted
For all of my life
I've searched for reasons,
always known how i felt
But what can I give you
First I need to trust myself?


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