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Close Encounters

Car Stops-Encounter where a car suffers interference that causes it's engine to fail,lights won't work. They usually occur late at night on small roads. Diesel cars will continue to run but the lights won't work.

Close Encounter(CE)1-The UFO causes physiological effects on a witness or the environment.

CE 2- Leaves residual traces on either the witness or the surrounding area.

CE 3-An alien seems either with or without presence of a UFO.

CE 4-Alien appears to produce effects on the witness or the environment--Abduction

CE 5-UFO contact cased by the witness.

Contactee-A person who has what is usually a friendly contact with aliens that does not include abduction but does include the exchange of information.

EM(Electrical Effect)-Effects of close encounters that creat stattic on TV or radio demaganetizing cassette tapes. Short term, some witnesses have reported getting electrical shocks from objecs after the encounter. This has also caused equipment malfunctions on air craft and ships.

Physiological Effect-CE in which a witness reports medical effects or illness after a UFO sighting.

Physic Contactee-Communicatiion is psychic through dreams , visions, or messages.

Physiological Effects -Sore eyes
-mirgaine headache
-skin rash
-problems with fillings in teeth.

Rarely is there serious illness or injury that lasts more than a few days after the encounter.

Time Lapse-Witnesses report they notice distortions in the flow of time and spatial changes, strange mood, oddness to the atmosphere, altered state of consciousness. Rarely do time lapses last more than one to two hours, most considerable less. Limited duration time lapses can occur without the witness realizing.

Credibility Rating

The scores are given out for three categories. The first digit is the source reliability. The second is the sight visit. The third is a possible explanation. A score of 222 is considered a credible sighting.

Source Reliability

0 - Unknown or unreliable source

1 - Report attributed to unknown reliability

2 - Reliable source

3 - First hand experience

4 - First hand interview with the witness by a reliable source

Site Visit Rating

0 - No site visit or answer unknown

1 - Site visit by a casual person not familiar with the phenomena

2 - Site visit by a person familiar with the phenomena

3 - Site visit by a reliable investigator

4 - Site visit by a skilled analyst

Possible Explanations

0 - Date consistant with one or more natural causes

1 - Natural explanation requires slight modification of data

2 - Natural explanation requires major modification of one perameter

3 - Natural explanation requires major modification of several perameters

4 - No natural explanation possible

Close Encounter/Ratings

We all know what a UFO looks like or what we are told they look like; a cigar shaped object or bright lights in the sky. UFOlogists need to know more about the characteristics of the craft how it moved, how fast was it traveling, They need to know this to determine if a witness truely saw something from another world, or if they mistook something like a military air craft. These classifications systems are used to determine what a witness actually saw.

Anomaly Rating:

AN 1- no lasting effects(unexplained lights)

AN 2- lasting effects(poltergeist, crop circle)

AN 3- Entities Seen (ghosts, spirits)

AN 4- Interaction with entities(NDE's, visions, OBE's)

AN 5-Reports of Injury(spontanous human combustion, unexplained wounds)

Manuever Ratings:

MA 1- Travels in a discontinuous trajectory(vertical drops, loops)

MA 2- MA 1 with any physical effects of a UFO

MA 3- MA 1 with entities on board a UFO

MA 4- Manuevers accompanied by a sense of reality transformation

MA 5- Permanent injury or death for a witness


FB 1-Sighting of a UFO flying in a straight line

FB 2- FB 1 accompanied by physical evidence

FB 3- entities are seen on board

FB 4-Reality transformation

FB 5 Permant injury or death of witness