These suggestions are given to show you how romantic and affectionate your relationship can be if you both just try to keep the romance alive in your relationship.

The ambience should be set with soft, sensual music playing, lit scented candles, a fireplace burning, or DVD or video fireplace tape playing, and a table for two set with fresh flowers, linen tablecloth and napkins, your best china, silverware, and glasses. Your house should be neat and clean, and all the preparations should have been made in advance. Have at least two different drinks prepared to serve during the evening, plus one to drink with your meal and one with your dessert.

A warm bubblebath for two could be waiting, scented with essential oils made for romance, such as rose, jasmine, lavender or vanilla. I suggest buying a bar of scented Beautiful by Estee Lauder soap at a store like Belks. It is expensive but will smell wonderful when used. Have large fluffy towels and washcloths ready and a couple fluffy robes to wear. Buy a large bottle of Astroglide, the best personal lubricant, and keep beside your bed. Any adult can use this personal lubricant. It feels like silk on the skin! Votive or tea candles could be placed all around the tub and bathroom area. Always be very careful when burning candles though, so nothing catches fire. You want to spark amoré, not burn down the house!

Soft dim lights could light the bedroom and your bed should have fresh, clean linens on it, sprayed with The Healing Garden lavender essence or something similar. A couple electric potpourri pots could be simmering with love potions in them, such as essential oils of cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, sweet orange, lemon, rose, jasmine, vanilla, and lavender mixed in hot water. You should have a sensual sounds or soft music tape or CD ready to play at the touch of a button in your bedroom. Keep a long lighter handy to light candles at a moment's notice in the bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen.

All the phone ringers should be turned off and the answering machine turned off so it cannot make any noises to distract anyone from this special evening. No one else should be in the house but the two mates to enjoy their evening together. If you have children at home you should let your relatives take care of them for the evening.

A delicious meal should be prepared from selections on the Aphrodisiac Recipes For Romance site. You should be bathed and smelling nice and dressed lovely when your mate arrives and greet each other with a warm hug and sensual kisses promising things to come that would be much better as the evening goes on. He should bring you some type gift, examples, flowers, candy, perfume, a sexy nightgown, or a bottle of something special to drink, like sparkling grape juice or sparkling cider. Drinks need not contain alcohol. Learn to get high on each other, not dependant on alcoholic beverages. Have chilled champagne flutes with Faux Champagne and an appetizer ready to serve upon your mate's arrival. You could dance slowly in each other's arms using this time as erotic, sensual foreplay heightening each other's anticipation of more to come later. Kisses and caresses should be aplenty the entire evening. You could eat the prepared meal, laughing and sharing conversation and feeding each other bites of food as people who are in love so often do. He should be sure to compliment you on the way you look, smell, and all the preparations you have made. He should also tell you how desirable you are to him and you should tell him how desirable he is to you. The dessert should be sensual with an accompaning drink enjoying this time together very much. If you are too full to eat dessert after your meal, you can eat it after the romantic evening ends as a grand finalé.

You might both write down things you would enjoy each other doing to your own body and put each one on either pink (her desires) or blue (his desires) index cards. When done writing them put them all in a heart-shaped box and draw one out at a time and do them, taking turns. She draws out blue cards, he draws out pink cards. Keep this box for future romantic occasions. If either of you think of something else, add it to your Box of Romantic Desires.

You could share a sensual, warm, seductive bubblebath, taking turns bathing each other with your scented bar of soap, then drying each other with large fluffy towels, and putting on big, fluffy bathrobes. Afterwards give each other a slow, sensuous body massage with The Healing Garden lavender or jasmine lotions. Each should take turns giving sensual pleasures mentioned in your customized box of Romantic Desires to each other's bodies and just enjoying the romantic evening as you choose to do. Be sure to lavish lots of compliments and sweet whispers of love to each other all during the evening.

Another suggestion for romance you can both do is write out your fantasies on notebook paper, fold them up and put each one in another box called Fantasies. Select one fantasy to act out with each other as a theme for creating another romantic evening together. At the end of your evening select another one for the next time. If at any time one suggests something that the other would not enjoy, just discard that fantasy and select another one. Always remember for romance to be enjoyable it must be a mutually enjoyable experience for both mates. If the discarded suggestion is very important to the one who wrote it, it should be fully discussed later but not during your romantic night together. Hopefully, your open discussion can reach a workable compromise that is suitable to both of you.


Part of the whole scenario of lovemaking for women is knowing that their mate loves them with all their heart and mind, that he will not abandon them, that he is committed to their marriage and their family for life, and that he gives them all the support they need in life. She needs your emotional and spiritual support, too. When she needs you to listen to her problems, don't tell her what she can or cannot feel, or what she should or shouldn't do, as that will invalidate her feelings. Just listen to her, giving her your full attention, and don't offer to fix things unless she asks for your help. Do help her around the house as you will get brownie points for it. Give her lots of hugs and affection all during the day, without expecting sex in return. The more special you make her feel to you as a whole person, the better she will treat you in return in general, even in the bedroom. No woman wants to feel that she is only a trophy wife or a sex object to anyone.

This keeps a woman's Spirit open to her mate.

If a woman feels this from her mate, she will show him the appreciation and caring that he wants from her, and she will keep herself fit and desireable to him. Women have tender natures and can be hurt easily if you say mean, nasty, or teasing remarks to them. What you might mean as a joke can hurt some people deeply. Over time it will turn a woman totally off sexually to her mate. If a woman's Spirit closes to her mate, it is necessary to talk things out and ask forgiveness for the way you have mistreated her before her Spirit can open back up to you as a mate. A sincere, "I am sorry, and I love you," can work wonders in opening her Spirit back up to you. Learn to think about what you are saying before you speak. Learn to be considerate of her feelings and needs and you will be a much happier and satisfied man or woman in your relationship.

It is important to keep lines of communication open between the two of you always. Share daily, do not keep issues bottled up inside to fester and blow up later. The Bible says to not let the sun go down on your anger, so make sure before you go to bed at night that you have discussed your problems and prayed to God for guidance in dealing with them. It's important that you both pray and play together on a daily basis.

Sharing is a big part of bonding emotionally, and spiritual bonding is done through prayer to God together as well as individually.

Put your mate's needs and feelings ahead of your own. Nourish her and love her as you do your own body, and in return she will flourish and give you back double what you give to her.

Each morning when you both wake up, start your day off with a prayer to God thanking Him for your relationship and ask His blessings on your union and family life. Kiss and hold each other often during the day, don't wait until you want sex to be affectionate to each other. This is especially important to women, as they need to know you see them as a whole person not just a sex object. If you give your wife all the romance and affection she wants and needs, she will give you all the sex you want and need. And dont forget to pray and thank the Lord for the wonderful sex life you have with each other too, for I truly believe that at the moment of euphoric orgasm, in those few seconds we are connected to God's unconditional agapé love, and that is why He tells us in the Bible not to commit adultery and to flee fornication. The sex act is something sacred to be enjoyed within the bonds of marriage. We are not meant to bond with anyone and everyone but have one mate to enjoy these sexual pleasures fully. True love need not be boring as the years go on. It can actually get better as the years go by, provided you both work daily to keep the romance alive in your marriage. Women all crave romance. Give it to them and in return you men will be the happiest creatures on this earth. The grass is not greener in another pasture. Stay in your own pasture and fertilize and nourish your own relationship. Make your wife feel like she is the most beautiful creature on earth and she will become that beautiful creature. Make her feel bad and ugly and she will become that too. You both have the power to create a wonderful mate with your choice of words and actions to each other.

Proverbs 23:7 says, "As a man thinks in his heart (mind), so is he." That means whatever we think, we actually create in our lives over a period of time.

So think the best of each other always. Love each other, trust each other, and support each other with all your heart and mind. Keep God at the center of your own hearts and at the core of your relationship, for a three-corded knot cannot be broken. The things which are not possible with man, are possible with God.

Setting the mood for romance just takes some advance planning. Keep supplies on hand in your home so you can access them easily. Have a special place just for your romantic supplies. When you run across something you like or need, buy it and put it in your Romantic Pantry. Always be on the watch for sale items.

Buy scented candles when you can find them on sale. The taller candles will flatter your looks more than shorter votive candles. You want the light coming from above to flatter you always. Buy dripless candles so there wont be messy wax on your tables or linens.

Purchase music that is soft, relaxing, and sensual sounding. Barnes and Noble online has a good selection of Jackie Gleason, Yanni, Kenny G, Barry White, and John Tesh music. Don't overlook your local Dollar Stores because excellent bargains can be found there as well.

Even if you have a fireplace, buy a Fireplace Video or DVD and use it. It creates ambience of romance with no ashes to clean up later, plus you can use it even in the hottest summer months.

Buy an elegant linen tablecloth and cloth napkins to use. Walmart carries some nice table cloths that are not expensive.

Use your good china, silverware, and glasses.

Buy fresh flowers for the occasion but keep the arrangement low so you and your mate can see each other.

Scent the house with your favorite fragrances. Use potpourri pots to make the house smell wonderfully inviting. You can brew a teapot full of Celestial Seasonings Indian Spice Chai and that alone will make your home smell wonderfully inviting. Just discarding those teabags after using them makes your garbage can smell nice.

Clean the house on the day of your special plans.

Make sure your linens are all fresh and clean and spray them with some lavender scented fragrance, such as The Healing Garden Lavender. This scent calms and relaxes both of you. Keep in mind when mosquito season arrives that they are repelled by the scent of lavender. This is a very useful tip during the warmer months.

Do everything you can do in advance regarding the preparations, so you can relax and spend time together. The biggest part of a romantic evening is the anticipation of the event. Plan it out well in advance and you will be free to enjoy your evening with the one you love.

Choose your menus wisely. Don't try to have so much food that you will feel too full, or it might hamper the romance. People who overeat usually feel miserable afterwards. Sometimes all that is needed are a plate of finger foods or tea sandwiches and something cold and hot to drink.

Write your mate an invitation for a night of romance. Start out by creating an invitation made especially for your mate by choosing the Sexy Name Decoder for inspiration. You might use the HTML to print out your own special sexy card. If you are really imaginative and creative, design your own version.

Make your mate a very special gift of a booklet of romantic coupons to use at other times. Use blank index cards to do this, or print them out and cut into coupons. Handwrite or type things you know your mate really enjoys, such as, This Coupon Good For One Body Massage, This Coupon Can Be Redeemed For Breakfast In Bed, Present Coupon For A Foot Massage, Coupon Can Be Presented For A Neck and Shoulder Massage, Coupon Good For Dinner At Your Favorite Restaurant, Coupon Good For One Afternoon Delight, Present Coupon For Scented Bubble Bath For Two, or whatever you can imagine your mate would enjoy. Staple your coupons together on one end so they look like a booklet. On the front put their name and Special Coupons. The Sexy Name Decoder could be used here as well. You can find interesting things about your mate's birthday and birth name at The Birthday Calculator. Almost everyone enjoys reading details about themselves and their birth name.

Create a Memory Book of things you both enjoy doing together. Take pictures, draw pictures, or write stories and poems about your experiences together. Occasionally look through the book together to relive these occasions.

Men can present or send one red rose to their mate, and then give them the other eleven when they show up for their special date.

Learn to accept your intuition. Your feelings will usually be right in most cases.


Go to Wal-Mart and in the cosmetics section look for The Healing Garden collection of bubblebath, lotions, and sprays. Buy yourself some of the lavender and jasmine bath gelees and some of the lavender and jasmine lotions. If you can afford it, buy some of the spray also. Now you are ready to purchase some essential oils. Go to an herb store and buy some patchouli, rose, and sweet orange. Run a warm tubful of water. Add some of the lavender and jasmine bath gelee, 1 drop patchouli, 3 drops rose, and 2 drops sweet orange. Mix well. Light some scented lavender, jasmine, and rose candles and put on some soft, relaxing music. (I recommend Jackie Gleason's CD called, "Music For Lovers Only." You can buy this at Barnes and Noble online.) Get two washcloths, two large fluffy towels, two bars scented soap, and two fluffy bathrobes. Enjoy the bath together!

Here's one more bath oil recipe that is worthy of mentioning as it was supposed to be the best of all in ancient history.

Mix 3 drops jasmine, 3 drops rose, 3 drops neroli, and 3 drops sandalwood in a bathtub full of warm bubbly water. Get into your bath and relax. Never use synthetic bath oils.

After you have had your sensual bath together, it is time for you to give each other a nice body massage. You can use the lavender and jasmine lotions from The Healing Garden or you can mix up your own massage oil or lotion with these recipes.


Mix 15 drops each ylang-ylang and sweet orange oils into a bottle of your favorite lotion.

Into 1 Tbsp. sweet almond oil, mix 3 drops rose, and 3 drops sandalwood, This makes enough for one person. You can also mix the essential oils into some favorite lotion if you like.

If you bought the fragrances of The Healing Garden jasmine and lavender, use them to make your body and home smell nice.
It is said that even the most frigid of humans will respond positively to jasmine fragrance.
Another Healing Garden lotion that smells wonderful is Silky Pajamas Body Lotion. This makes your skin feel silky and it has a spicy cinnamon fragrance.
Mint lotion is good to use on the feet and neck or shoulders. It has a mentholated undertone that cools and refreshes those tired, tense muscles but does not smell bad because it is minty.


In a potpourri pot of hot water, mix 3 drops cedarwood, 3 drops lavender, and 2 drops neroli. Let simmer to make your home smell nice.


In a potpourri pot, put 1 tsp. each extract lemon, orange, vanilla, and cinnamon. Add 5 drops each oil, cardamom, lavender, jasmine, and rose. Fill pot with hot water, stir, and let fragrance diffuse for amore.

Remember romance begins in the heart and mind!

The most powerful aphrodisiac of all is the mind.