Read the appropriate Psalm once a day to get the results listed:

For academic success, Psalm 119

For freedom from an accident while traveling, Psalm 124

For acquittal, when falsely charged, Psalm 26

To communicate with Angels, Psalm 104

To overcome fear of animals, Psalm 58

To overcome anxiety, Psalm 40 or 94

To break bad luck, Psalm 53

To have a baby when barren, Psalm 113

To heal bruises, Psalm 147

For upper body pain healing, Psalm 119

For protection from bullies, Psalm 7

For protection from burgulars, Psalm 48

For success in business, Psalm 115

For change of employment, Psalm 81

To ensure success of your children, Psalm 127

For loyal support of colleagues, Psalm 110

To develop your confidence, Psalm 100

To find the Court's favor, Psalm 120

For healing of cuts, Psalm 147

For protection from danger, Psalm 18 or 91

For protection from violent death, Psalm 116

When you are desserted, Psalm 108

To help you make the right decisions, Psalm 119

For relief from depression, Psalm 13, 31, 87

For release from despondency, Psalm 142

For protection from disasters, Psalm 57 or 125

To get discharged from a hospital, Psalm 41

To overcome a disfiguring disease, Psalm 34

To banish doubt, Psalm 13

For rain after a drought, Psalm 68

For safety from drowning, Psalm 32 or 69

For loyal support from your employees, Psalm 110

For encouragement, Psalm 100

For endurance of pain, Psalm 129

To overcome fear of enemies, Psalm 83

For energy to stay awake, Psalm 119

To escape poor housing, Psalm 55

To be popular, Psalm 56

For relief from exhaustion, Psalm 6

For exorcism of a building, Psalm 29

For eyestrain relief, Psalm 119

For faith that prayer will be answered, Psalm 66

For fame, Psalm 118

For family harmony, Psalm 133

For success in fishing, Psalm 8

For protection from flooding, Psalm 69

For a supply of food, Psalm 78 or 145

For forgiveness, Psalm 44

For healing of fractures, Psalm 147

For guidance about the future, Psalm 39

For a fruitful garden, Psalm 65

To have a right attitude towards God, Psalm 95

For good fortune, Psalm 96 or 97

For restoration of good name, Psalm 123

For good news, Psalm 143

For good publicity, Psalm 37

For protection against gossip, Psalm 12

For grace to be a better person, Psalm 101

For grandchildren, Psalm 128

For gratitude for blessings received, Psalm 117 or 150

For overcoming grief, Psalm 31

For help from your guardian angel, Psalm 103

For guidance, Psalm 11, 39, 43, 99, or 119

For overcoming feelings of guilt, Psalm 38 or 51

For success in the use of your hands, Psalm 144

For happiness in your life, Psalm 97

For happiness in old age, Psalm 71

For increasing marital harmony, Psalm 45

For increasing harmony with neighbors, Psalm 28

For healing headaches, Psalm 119:162

To heal fractures, bruises, and cuts, Psalm 147

For good health, Psalm 67 or 92

For help to overcome temptation, Psalm 119

For relief of homesickness, Psalm 137

For relief of hip pain, Psalm 119:72

To bless a house, Psalm 93 or 122

For success in hunting, Psalm 8

For recovery from an illness, Psalm 30, 80, or 109

For cure of impotence, Psalm 9 or 33

For release from unjust imprisonment, Psalm 71 or 79

For political influence, Psalm 2

For freedom from insomnia, Psalm 4 or 16

For divine inspiration, Psalm 99

For justice in a lawsuit, Psalm 82

For success in lawsuits, Psalm 35, 75, 82 or 40

For protection of livestock, Psalm 64

For protection after life threats, Psalm 64

For a long life, Psalm 90, 119, or 128

For a healthy liver, Psalm 119:72

For personal magnetism, Psalm 110 or 111

For marital harmony, Psalm 45

For material blessings, Psalm 85

For a new start, Psalm 53

To overcome night fears, Psalm 63

For relief from pain, Psalm 6 or 129

For peace of mind, Psalm 23

For protection of your pets, Psalm 36

For overcoming phobias, Psalm 27

For help in solving problems, Psalm 119 or 73

For help in keeping your promises, Psalm 76 or 119

For prosperity, Psalm 52, 72, 106, 108, or 118

For protection, Psalm 91

For success in public speaking, Psalm 19

For quarreling to stop, Psalm 85:12

For a safe sea passage, Psalm 89

For self improvement, Psalm 101

For serenity in a hostile atmosphere, Psalm 120

For protection against slander, Psalm 12

For sound sleep, Psalm 4 or 16

For spiritual refreshment, Psalm 42

For a stray loved one to return, Psalm 123

For success in your work, Psalm 90

For freedom of worry, Psalm 3

For youthfulness, Psalm 1

To live if wounded, Ezekiel 16:6

To be beautiful and prosper, Ezekiel 16:13