I searched for a method that would help my depression and bring the riches into my life that I knew God had waiting for me but Satan always seemed to manage to steal. I was surfing different links one day online when I ran across this Emotional Freedom Techniques website at this url:

I knew that I had found what I had been searching for my entire life. God provides for us all a simple way to correct any problems in our lives. Here is a simple version of what I learned. I hope it helps you as much as it helped me.

The aforementioned website has videos and audios for sale if you cannot grasp how to do these techniques, but they are really very simple to memorize and do.

There are eight accupressure points on yourself that you can tap with your index and middle fingertips seven times on each point that will correct any problem you have when performed. Memorize these points and do them in the order listed.

The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body's energy system.

People who suffer from depression, low self-esteem, any degenerative type diseases, addictions, or emotional traumas from their past tend to subconsciously self-sabotage everything good in their lives without meaning to do this. Their electrical systems switch polarity and its like the batteries are put in backwards so we end up sabotaging the very things we want out of life. This simple technique will correct Psychological Reversal (PR) so it cannot bother you and when it re-appears just do the tapping technique again. It may never bother you again, and it may come back to try its old tricks, but the important thing is that if it does, you have the knowledge now to stop it in its tracks. Anyone is in PR who seems stuck in their life in some way. Examples might be, writers block, sports slump, lack of inspiration to paint, the athlete who is normally very good but seems to be in a down cycle, anxiety, bad nerves, depression, addictions, high sensitivity, arthritis sufferers, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, lupus, allergic reactions, psoriasis, diabetes, chronic fatigue, low energy, malfunctioning organ problems, cancer, and AIDS. PR is probably the main impediment to healing.

This simple technique of tapping each accupressure point seven times with the middle and index fingertips should correct the PR as well as the problem you are tapping for. Tap for each problem one at a time.

First of all, create an affirmation for your problem and breathe deeply three times while saying your affirmation. This is to put your mind in a calmer frame. Your affirmation should go something like this, "I love and accept myself just as I am and I now correct the energy within for my __________." Your problem should go in the blank. Do the problem that bothers you most first, then you can move onto another problem when it is relieved.

While concentrating on your problem, tap these eight accupressure points on your own body seven times each. Each time you move to a new pressure point, remind yourself of the problem you are correcting.

Eight Accupressure Points:

1. Begin at the inside corner of your eye on the bone at the top of the eyebrow nearest the top of the nose, and tap this point seven times with your index and middle fingertips.

2. Move to the bone on the outside of your eyebrow on the outer corner where the eyelid and lower lid intersect, and tap this area seven times with your index and middle fingertips.

3. Next move underneath the pupil of the eye on the bone and tap this point seven times with your index and middle fingertips.

4. Now move to the area just above the middle of your lips and beneath your nose in the middle and tap this point seven times with your index and middle fingertips.

5. Between your mid chin and lips find the center spot and tap this point seven times with your index and middle fingertips.

6. In the hollow area at the base of your throat, move down one inch either left or right and tap this spot seven times with your index and middle fingertips.

7. Under your armpit move down four inches and tap this spot with your index and middle fingertips seven times.

8. On either hand on the flat side (below the pinky finger area) the spot that you would use for a Karate Chop, tap this point in the center of the fleshy side with your index and middle fingertips seven times.

Now go back and do the other side of your body at the same points just on the opposite side. You should feel relief when this is done.

If for some reason you do not feel relief then go to the website above mentioned and read the entire manual as you may need to do the long version of tapping. If you can afford his videos and audios, then by all means, order them. At least go read his case histories. They are amazing!

The one I listed here is the simple Shortcut version.

You also have an accupressure spot called the Sore Spot which is located four inches below the hollow spot in your throat and four inches over to the left or the right. By rubbing this spot which will usually be sore, you can dissolve lymph congestion in your body. When its not sore any longer the congestion should be gone.

Try this on every problem you have and see for yourself that it really does work to give instant relief. This simple technique listed above should correct any emotional or physical problem that you have. If the shortcut version does not work, then try the longer version. Tapping will not harm you and it can be done as often as needed.



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