All barriers to excellent health are now dissolved.

I replace illness-producing thoughts with encouraging ones.

I've dissolved and released all feelings of anxiety.

Muscle soreness, stiffness, and tension is a thing of the past.

All of my body's cartilage is strong and renews daily.

I've let go of all unhealthy eating habits and desires.

I'm free of any harmful side effects of any medications.

I can overcome any genetic tendency toward illness or disease.

I've dissolved and let go of all muscle pain and exhaustion.

I deserve to have excellent health.

All disorders of the nervous system are gone from my life.

I've let go of all resistance to perfect health.

All of my bones are strong and resilient.

All reasons for poor circulation have now disappeared.

I'm completely free of all disorders of the reproductive organs.

Oxygen-rich blood flows fully and easily to all parts of my body.

I'm free of all sickness, disease, and infirmity.

I feel increasingly comfortable inside and out.

All bitterness and resentment have vanished from my life.

I'm free of the effects of all harmful germs, bacteria, or viruses.

The days of settling for less than excellent health are over.

I forgive myself for allowing false beliefs to influence my health.

I'm free of all diseases of the bones and joints.

I replace health worries with faith in my unlimited healing energies.

My back is strong, flexible and feeling great.

All resistance to getting the appropriate medical attention is a thing of the past.

I've replaced physical weakness with vitality and strength.

All feelings of sickness and pain are gone from my life.

Excellent health and struggle are separate for me now.

My body and mind rejects and expels all harmful germs, bacteria, viruses, and parasites.

I'm free of all disorders of the muscles and connective tissues.

I forgive myself for not taking the actions to support good health.

Any embarrassment around my physical appearance is behind me now.

All injuries are now healed.

I replace any negative thoughts with total faith in my complete recovery.

I'm completely free of all allergic reactions.

All causes of improper nerve function have left me.

I accept excellent health as my God-given right.

Any old habit of using illness to get attention is ancient history.

My body vigorously resists all sickness and disease.

I've dissolved and released all feelings of bone and joint discomfort.

My body has unlimited power to heal itself.

I've let go of all resistance to medications working effectively.

My muscles are strong and agile.

All my joints work smoothly and comfortably without restriction.

I trust my powerful subconscious mind to heal me completely.

All my cells are bathing in life-giving oxygen.

I'm completely healed in my mind and my body.

My skin is clear, youthful, and supple.

I can enjoy perfect health without dependence on drugs.

All my body's cells are rejuvenated by the healing power of love.

The disks in my spinal column are strong, sound and supportive.

My heart is strong, healthy, and functions perfectly.

All my body organs are healthy, strong, and function perfectly.

All my food digests completely and comfortably.

I have high self-esteem aside from my physical being.

I easily visualize my body working perfectly and in complete harmony.

I breathe deeply and cleanse all my body's cells.

Excellent health and I are one.

I am pleased with my healing progress today.

My heart is filled with the healing power of love and faith.

All my body's connective tissues are strong and supple now.

I have complete faith in my full recovery.

All the chemical levels in my brain and blood are normal in every way.

My entire nervous system is functioning perfectly.

It's natural for me to be healthy and strong.

I can easily move all parts of my body without any pain or discomfort.

My immune system is strong and getting stronger everyday.

I'm at peace with my good health.

Everyday my health is getting better and better.

My body has perfect amounts of all the fluids that it needs.

I have many happy, healthy years to live.

I accept perfect health into my life.

I have the power to heal my body always.

My blood is rich with life giving oxygen.

I rise above all ailments of the skin.

All allergens have released their power over me.

I'm feeling strong and healthy today.

Any fear of seeking medical attention is now only in the past.

I've replaced all unhealthy habits with health-enhancing practices.

All of my bones are strong and healthy now.

All osteoporosis is now healed.

All sensitivity to the sun has disappeared.

Any disorders of my eyes and ears are now gone.

I've released all dependence on medications for excellent health.

My muscles are smooth, supple, and flexible.

I forgive myself for ever doubting my ability to recover from any illness.

My spinal cord is healthy and protected.

I'm completely free of all disorders of the digestive tract.

Any joint stiffness, soreness, and discomfort is a thing of the past.

Gone forever are any disorders of my nervous system.

I am free of all disorders of the lungs and respiratory system.

I reject the notion that I will have anything but a full recovery.

My body absorbs vitamins and nutrients quickly and easily.

I'm free of any disorders of the reproductive system.

I believe completely in my unlimited power to heal myself.

I replace any health concerns with faith that my body is healing quickly.

Any disorders of my immune system now dissolve and drain away.

I am forgiven for not appreciating and using my unlimited healing powers.

Every cell in my body is overflowing with good health and positive energy.

I easily replace sedentary habits with a vigorous, energetic lifestyle.

I transcend all disorders of the stomach and digestive system.

Any feelings of hopelessness about my health are gone forever.

I eat the right foods in the right amounts.

All pain and discomfort are soothed now.

I'm completely confident in my full recovery.

I admit the wrongs I have done to myself and others.

I am in complete control of my health.

I'm free of all disorders of the lungs and respiratory system.

All inflammation in my body is now healed.

I'm reaching all of my health goals now.

Any ailments of the blood and the circulatory system have disappeared.

My skin is smooth and supple.

My skin is free of wrinkles, loose or sagging skin, and age spots.

My skin is free of strawberry moles, warts, moles, and skin tags.

My appearance is youthful and energetic.

My weight now quickly and easily adjusts to its perfect healthy body weight.

I easily maintain my perfect body weight always.

From the depths of my soul, I believe I deserve good health.

Any blood disorders have been eliminated from my body.

I rise above all causes of a weakened immune system.

I'm completely free of all disorders of the heart and the circulatory system.

My blood pressure is normal.

All my limbs have a full and pain-free range of motion.

Any disorders of the eyes and ears are now only in the past.

All the people I have harmed now forgive me, and I forgive the people who have harmed me.

My healthy, oxygen-rich blood is filled with life force.

My healthy blood circulates well throughout my body.

I'm now free of all physical and emotional pain.

I'm completely protected from all harmful effects of the sun.

I'm healthy in my body and my mind.

I look forward to a long, happy, and healthy life.

I learn and implement everything I can about maintaining excellent health.

I'm thrilled to be alive and happy to be me.

I have the power to give up harmful vices and habits.

I take complete responsibility for my health and well-being.

All my cells are being cleansed now.

My spinal column is in perfect order and alignment.

I'm in complete control of my health and my unlimited healing power.

I happily seek and receive the medical care that's right for me.

I take great pleasure in having healthy habits.

I enrich my diet with the appropriate vitamins and supplements.

I'm glowing with vibrant good health.

My body efficiently and completely eliminates all wastes and toxins.

My balance is perfect.

My equilibrium is perfect.

I walk or stand with perfect balance.

I am completely free of vertigo and dizziness.

My hearing gets better and better everyday.

My body responds in the perfect way to all medicines, remedies, and therapies.

I enjoy learning how to improve my health.

My immune system quickly and easily eliminates all harmful bacteria, germs, and viruses.

I possess unlimited healing powers.

I am divinely protected all through life.

I am totally surrounded with white light.

My vision gets better and better everyday.

I'm proud of my commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

I do everything I can to gain and maintain vibrant good health.

My joints now work smoothly and quietly.

The enormous healing power of the universe is in me now.

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