1. The key to getting what you want is learning how to use your Feminine Grace.

2. Men need to feel understood, appreciated, and accepted for who they are without having to be changed into someone they are not comfortable being. A man wants his woman to make him feel competent, wanted, respected, and manly.

3. You are his only source of sexual intimacy. All men want lots of hot sex.

4. Sex is the only way most men know how to be intimate. If you want more emotionally, you need to teach him what you want. He cannot read your mind.

5. Men have high hopes for monogamy. Take care of yourself and look your best always, so you are always beautiful and desireable to him.

6. To a man, failure is equal to death. Give him praise for the things he accomplishes in life, even the little things are important.

7. If you're not happy, he thinks HE is a failure.

8. Men mainly show their love through their actions.

9. Men will always take risks in order to survive for a lifetime.

10. Men never intend to lose when they commit to you. Make him glad he made that commitment.

11. To be heard, you must speak his language, speaking in as few details as possible. Don't nag or complain. It is very important to be able to openly and honestl communicate in a relationship.

12. A man wants to be with a woman who makes him feel like a man, and never emasculates him. Appreciate all his good qualities daily, and remember his good traits that attracted you to him in the first place.

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