1. Take a long, hot scented bubble bath with candles lit and soft music playing in the background. Even guys like these once they try them.

2. Wash and vacuum your car. Wax it too, if you feel that energetic. If it's raining outside, give your home interior a good cleaning.

3. Experiment in the kitchen with new recipes. Write them down on blank index cards so you won't forget them. If you can't create new recipes, go to the Food Network online and check out some of theirs to try.

4. Play a solo card game like Solitaire.

5. Write your thoughts in a private journal.

6. Read your favorite magazine, or take out some new subscriptions to magazines you enjoy reading.

7. Go buy a bag of burgers and watch old movies that you enjoy for the night.

8. Answer your email.

9. Listen to your favorite CDs with a video fireplace or video aquarium or other video DVDs playing and light some scented candles. Enjoy the ambience. You don't have to be a part of a couple to enjoy a nice atmosphere. You can purchase 20 feet long cables to plug into your television or stereo for your headphones so you won't disturb your neighbors anytime day or night from Radio Shack for about ten dollars.

10. Do research online for some of your favorite projects. Search engines can find many websites for you to explore on just about any subject.

11. Pay your bills, or answer any postal mail you have received. You can pay your bills online and save the cost of stamps each month.

12. Gametop Games has many free games you can choose from to download onto your computer. Golden Solitaire and Spider Solitaire are two of my favorite free games.

13. Begin writing your autobiography, the story of your life.

14. Go fishing.

15. Fry the fish you catch for dinner battered in cornmeal, along with cole slaw, hush puppies, and french fries. If you didn't catch any fish, just go out to Captain D's for takeout at their drive-through window, and order their Country Fried Fish Meal.

16. Dance until exhausted. Dancing is a great way to exercise and lose some weight like you have been meaning to do. You can find Exercise midis and Music midis to enjoy freely.

17. Make a to-do-list for things you still want to do and places you still want to visit, then make plans to start doing those things.

18. Plan a vacation or even a staycation for the near future.

19. Create a new boardgame.

20. Shoot a game of billiards or darts at home.

21. Read the Bible and pray, then meditate upon what you just read and prayed about, letting it sink into your mind and heart.

22. Visit a local museum.

23. Read your local newspaper online.

24. Listen to Holosync CDs to upgrade your brainpower. You can get a free sample sent to you.

25. Write a story, song, or poem. Store it online.

26. Draw a picture or caricature. Practice makes perfect. Do it for fun to see how many people you can draw.

27. Find a Do-It-Yourself project that needs to be done at your home and tackle it yourself.

28. Play a relaxing Big Fish video game you can purchase and enjoy, but try it first to see if you like it.

29. Color your hair. You will always look younger if no gray shows in your hair. At some point, use Pantene for Silver Hair and be proud of it because you have earned every one of them. Be one of those nice people who ages gracefully and gets more beautiful as you age.

30. Visit a particular store you absolutely love, and make notes of all the things you want to buy there when you can afford them. It can become your Wish List that you buy one at a time.

31. Visit a nearby town, and explore it for the day complete with lunch. This can be like a mini-vacation for you.

32. Take an entire day just to sleep. Sometimes this is as good as it gets. Turn off your phone ringer, put a do-not-disturb sign on your front door, wear ear plugs if you have noisy neighbors, put on an eye mask if the sun is too bright in your room, or buy some of those room darkening curtains or mini blinds, and catch up on that rest your body and mind needs so badly. Remember your body and mind heals while you sleep.

33. Go swimming.

34. Go horseback riding.

35. Shop online for something you have been wanting or needing. Remember to give thanks to God for it. You can save lots of precious time and energy by ordering bulky products online and having them delivered to your home. Try Walmart.com or Amazon.com because they have more products in general than anyone else does.

36. Make yourself a banana split and eat it without feeling guilty about the calories. Mayfield Dairy actually makes an ice cream called Banana Split, and it is soooo good. Kroger carries it.

37. Give yourself a "Day or Night at the Spa" but at home... facial, manicure, pedicure, massage, big fluffy white towels and white terrycloth robe and slippers, etc. Massage Watkin's Lemon Cream Lotion onto your whole body, and smell delicious. You can buy it at your local Walmart or online at Drugstore.com. HomeMedics makes a wonderful massage mat that you can lay on in your bed. PedEgg gives great treatment on your feet scraping off those dead skin cells on your heels and feet without pain. Those exfoliating facial creams can also be used on your feet and body to remove dead skin cells. Don't forget the cucumber slices for your eyes while you are laying on your massage mat. Once you begin enjoying this at-home-spa-day-or-night, you will want to do it often, it is so much fun. Look for products at your local department stores to add to your spa stock items, such as Dr. Teal's Relax or Sleep bubble bath, or those Swiss facial creams and lotions available. Check out Tuesday Mornings terrycloth bathrobes for $14.95 each. You will need a stainless steel large bowl for a foot bath or else buy one of those foot baths that massage your feet. Stainless steel helps wash away odors. Someone needs to create a stainless steel bathtub! The sky is the limit on this one, as you can always find more fun things to use to pamper yourself and keep adding to your spa stock collection. You can make your own customized products from products you can purchase at Bulk Apothecary online.

38. If it's cold or raining outside, make a pot of soup or chili, keeping it warm in your crockpot, and watch a fireplace video while you eat. If it's hot outside, fix yourself an ice-cold drink, and a fresh fruit plate with sherbet in the center, and turn on the air conditioning, then just chill out.

39. Visit Art Galleries online.

40. Have a Chocolate Buffet and enjoy every luscious minute of it.

41. Spray all your bed linens with lavender so you will be able to sleep with a wonderful fragrance relaxing you. The Healing Garden makes a wonderful lavender spray that is perfect for doing this. You can buy it at Walmart and Kmart. You can make your own using a few drops of real lavender essential oil and water mixed in a spray bottle. How much you use is up to your own preferences.

42. Buy yourself some of those big fluffy white Egyptian cotton towels and special scented soap such as, Beautiful by Estee Lauder sold at Belks Department Stores, then pamper yourself every time you take a bath or shower and smell fabulous.

43. Make a fresh fruit smoothie to drink, and pat some of it all over your face, let it dry, then rinse it off with warm water. Use your favorite fruits placed in a blender and liquified.

44. Wear your favorite cologne or perfume just to perk up your spirit. Try Body, Mind, and Spirit by Tova sold only at QVC. If you don't have a favorite, try dabbing some lemon, lime, orange, and lavender oils around your home, or dab them onto light bulbs, then turn them on for the fragrance to surround you.

45. Have a tea party all day long, but just for yourself, complete with all kinds of goodies that you especially enjoy.

46. Laugh out loud at these two pages of funny jokes. Laughing out loud has long-term benefits to your health.

47. Visit your favorite safe private sanctuary where you can just watch the view for awhile. Everyone should have a special place like that. If you don't, go to one of my Beautiful Sunsets websites or Beach pictures and just enjoy the beauty and serenity like it is your own. There are several you can choose from listed on my Fun Pages Index website.

48. Make your favorite fondue and enjoy it with chunks of fresh fruit, cubed poundcake, or cubes of angelfood cake.

49. Fry some Tempura battered vegetables and eat them as you fry them. So delicious!

50. Go to the library and check out some free books, CDs, and/or videos/DVDs, or buy your own. Amazon.com will let you download a free Kindle reader to your computer and you can find lots of free Kindle books if you search for them at Amazon.com.

51. Create a new recipe. Make it something romantic, then enjoy it alone. Savor every bite with passion for that food.

52. Sew something, even if it's just making repairs to some clothes that you like to wear often.

53. Give yourself a makeover and experiment with new makeup, cologne, clothes, or hairstyles.

54. Whatever your favorite types movies are, buy one new movie per month. Then put it up until you are ready to watch it. Make a big night out of it by having your favorite snacks and drinks close at hand. I prefer comedies, and I buy them when they come out on DVD. When I watch them, I always have popcorn, soft drinks, and candy, just like in a real theater. Check out stores like Amazon, Dollar General, Family Dollar, Kmart, and Walmart for some real bargains on VHS and DVD movies, as well as popcorn, soft drinks, and candy. Be sure to check out my recipe for Almond Nougat on my Easy Candy Creams website.

55. Learn a foreign language. Go to the library and check out one of those audio courses you can teach yourself at your own pace. You can also buy them at your local book store.

56. Repeat daily affirmations, several times daily, then visualize those things now coming into your life that you would really like to have or enjoy.

57. Take a totally free self-help e-course online, one that you can finish without a time limit and that can enrich your life.

58. Create a new free webpage that will help other people.

59. Take a 30-minute power walk every day. If depressed, stare out at the distance, not down at the ground. If you cannot get outdoors, use those walking videos by Leslie Sansone.

60. Buy yourself one of those nice body massagers and use it on those tired, aching muscles all over your body right after you get out of the bath or shower.

61. Find a Fresh Market and spend several hours there just enjoying the free samples it offers. You can find some of the best products at a place like this because everything is so fresh and delicious. You can buy small amounts (or large) to take home and enjoy later as well.

62. Visit Arts and Crafts Festivals in your area. These gifts are homemade and make excellent gifts for Christmas or for your own home. You will also get great ideas for new crafts to make on your own. Who knows? Next year you could be selling handmade crafts at local arts and crafts festivals.

63. Find your local Farmer's Market and frequent it to buy fresh fruits and vegetables. Once they get to know you, they will save you some of their very best produce to take home and enjoy.

64. Buy a giant book on Crossword Puzzles, Word Finders, or Brainteasers, then do them when you get bored.

65. Purchase some of those large jigsaw puzzles and use a card table to put it together over a period of time. Once it's assembled, glue it together by painting the top of it with a clear decoupage medium you can buy at a local arts and crafts store, then frame it when dry, and hang it on a wall in your home as art.

66. Take an at-home art lesson with a Bob Ross Art Video or something similar. In 30 minutes you will have painted a beautiful landscape or seascape. Your local arts and crafts stores should have them and the art supplies you would need to buy to get started.

67. Take a day to go visit Barnes and Noble bookstore or a similar place. Search for books that interest you or will teach you how to do something you would like to learn to do. Have lunch there, and look through your books before buying them. Online you get free shipping and handling if you purchase $25.00 or more at one time.

68. Make a picnic lunch, take a blanket to sit on, and attend a free outdoor concert in your area.

69. Write down your nostalgic memories of yesteryears for posterity. Record dates of births, marriages, divorces, or deaths for any Geneology seekers in your family.

70. Videotape anything you would like for others to know if something should ever happen to you. You can even make a video living will. For insurance purposes, video tape everything of value in your home so you have a record of it all. You should also let anyone know if you want to be resussitated and kept alive by machines if you can't breathe or have a heart attack or stroke.

71. Take a digital camera or a camcorder out in nature with you and see how many pretty flowers and birds you can take pics of, then share them with others online.

72. Sit down and write a song about your life, then sing it.

73. Make a list of all the things there are to do in your area that you would enjoy doing, then do one each week.

74. Daydream about what you would do if you won the lottery, then visualize it happening. When you can internally "see" it happening, it will.

75. Read your favorite author's latest book. Janice Thompson's contemporary Christian novels can be purchased at Amazon.com.

76. Learn to cut your own hair. You can find books at the local library on this subject. You can save a lot of money each year just by cutting your own hair. If word gets around, people might ask you to cut theirs and pay you to do it, if you do a good job.

77. Massage your neck, shoulders, hands, and feet with peppermint lotion.

78. Prepare your favorite breakfast and eat it out on your balcony, patio, or porch. Suggestion - Fresh Fruit bowl with a cup of fruity yogurt as a dressing, large glass of Not-From-Concentrate Orange Juice, warm butter croissants, your favorite jam, and a hot cup of flavored coffee or Chai. Savor every delicious bite.

79. Buy a karioke machine and learn new songs to sing.

80. Using a self-teaching program, learn how to play a musical instrument.

81. Take a subject you particularly enjoy, and do research on it online. Become an expert on it.

82. Begin a new hobby. Think of something you have always wanted to do, then set out to learn how to do it. Some suggestions for hobbies that can be done alone are art or music appreciation, research, watching movies, painting pictures, reading books, doing ceramics or plaster crafts, sketching designs, decorating your home, making home repairs, computer repairs, charcoal drawing, doing crafts, writing poems, stories, or novels, photography, sailing, fishing, sewing, cooking, or shopping.

83. Buy some of those new arts and crafts kits, like a pottery wheel, jewelry making kit, sculpting clay, or whittling wood, then try to get really good at it. You could get so good that you might be able to start a new business from it. Walmart carries them.

84. Buy essential oils and an aromatherapy diffuser that will put you in a relaxed mood. Add a relaxing CD in the background for ambience. All of Jackie Gleason's music was designed to relax women, and it really does that.

85. Buy some crayons and coloring books and color like you did when you were a child. It can be fun.

86. When you find a coupon good to use at a new restaurant, clip it, and go there the following week for a meal. If you can't use it, give it to someone who can. Same goes for those free meal coupons you always get in the mail to sit and listen to someone present their product or business.

87. Go bicycle riding in a safe place, wearing a bike helmet to protect your brain from injury.

88. Go rent a go-kart for an hour and work off some of that stress driving around the track.

89. Go to a batting cage and take some aggressive swings at the balls being thrown when you get mad. Pretend that ball is the person you are angry with and knock them out of the ballpark.

90. Watch your favorite soap opera or your favorite programs on television. Many networks will allow people to watch their shows for free just a few days after they have aired. Try www.TVLand.com to watch some favorites.

91. Listen to your favorite radio show when you go to bed at night. Coast-To-Coast is a good one and is on for several hours. Eat some dried cherries so you can sleep well.

92. Go play putt-putt golf, or go to a driving range and hit a few balls to improve your game. If you don't like golf, then play your own favorite sport.

93. Treat yourself to a nice breakfast out.

94. Treat yourself to a nice lunch out.

95. Treat yourself to a nice dinner out.

96. Go to Disney World and walk around Epcot Center and all those places you always wanted to go but didn't because you were with someone else. Now is the time to enjoy doing things only YOU want to do.

97. Visit Bok Tower and Gardens in Lake Wales, FL and just sit and enjoy the peaceful serenity. Take along some nuts for the squirrels. Just keep in mind those squirrels might be cute but they are still wild animals and could bite you if you get too close to them.

98. Play a couple games of bowling.

99. Watch a beautiful sunset. There is great artistic beauty in a sunrise or sunset, that only God could paint for us to enjoy daily.

100. Get up early and watch the sunrise.

101. Do something nice for someone without them or anyone else knowing you did it. Kindness is a gift we can give to others that doesn't cost a cent, but to the person it's given can be priceless.

102. Learn to do Sudoku puzzles. They are great fun once you understand how to solve them. You use the numbers 1 through 9 only once on any horizontal line or vertical line and only once in each of the nine grid boxes. There is no math to figure at all. It's more like being a numerical detective, trying to figure out where the numbers 1 - 9 would fit on each line horizontally and vertically.

103. Take up video belly dancing. It's a lot harder than you think and great exercise. Barnes and Noble sells some good videos on it.

104. Learn all you can about flower essences and herbs.

105. Re-organize your closets, drawers, or cabinets.

Remember when you are alone, you can do whatever you want whenever you want, without having to worry about pleasing anyone but yourself, be on anyone else's time schedule, or take care of anyone but yourself. This can be the best time of your life! For Empathic Sensitives, it is absolutely necessary to have time alone to recoupe your energy levels and avoid becoming overwhelmed by stress and too much stimuli.

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