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Rex Nelon, Another Singer Has Gone Home

Rex Nelon, His Memory Will Live In Those Left Behind.

Jan. 19, 1932- Jan. 23, 2000
Rex Nelon, veteran bass singer and beloved father, grandfather and husband suffered a massive heart attack in his motel room and passed away. Rex and Judy Nelon were in the British Isles as part of the Gaither Homecoming Tour.

Rex began singing in the 50s with Homeland Harmony, he then went on to sing with the LeFerves. As the LeFerves retired, he changed the name to the Rex Nelon Singers and later they were known just as the Nelons.

Many people can tell you of the details of Rex Nelon's death. Many others can tell you of the many accomplishments he had while singing and publishing.

But many of us are blessed to tell you that Rex Nelon was a friend. I have admired Rex for more years than I care to think about. On more than one occasion, Rex was a friend that 'set me straight'. Many people that I now consider to be friends were as a result of Rex or the Nelons. Karen Peck Gooch, Charlotte Penhollow Ritchie, Janet Paschal, Ron Hutchins, Rodney Swain, Greg Cothran, and so many more wonderful people that had the joy of sharing the stage with him.

Back in the 70s, I knew Rex's office number as well as I did my own. I often called for whatever information I needed at that moment, from directions to a concert to who was doing what. I wrote for a local gospel music newspaper and Rex was always helpful no matter what my request.

A running joke was I would call his office and identify myself, Rex would pick up the phone "411, information, how can I help you?" He knew that often I did need information when I called.

But many times, it was his wisdom that I needed. He was always a kind and caring friend in those times. When I went through many of the more trying times in my life, Rex was there as a friend. I will always be thankful for that.

That friendship remained through the years. Though times I was able to see them grew further apart, the love, respect and feelings of friendship were just as deep. My thoughts and prayers are with Todd, Kelly and Judy Nelon and all of their family. He will be missed by us all but no one knows that more than they do.

Another Singer Has Gone Home

Dedicated to Rex Nelon

'Jesus Is Alive An Well', the song he sang so many times before
Now in heaven he sees Jesus as he stepped on heaven's bright shore.
'The Son Will Still Be Shining' is a another we remember hearing
I'm sure he saw that light as the home shore he was nearing.

Other songs like 'The Sun's Coming Up' and ' Ready To Go'
They tell of how this man loved his Savior and longed to see his Savior so.
"We Shall Wear A Robe and Crown', well, he has it on today
And if we could listen in, 'Holy Is Thy Name' we'd hear him say.

'Oh, For A Thousand Tongues' I'm sure he's praising God in that land
"I've Never Been Disappointed In Him' he'll say as before the Lord he will stand.
But while these songs can tell of the love and trust he had for the One,
Who had saved him by His grace, the Father's only Son.

They do not tell the whole, the story is not complete
Until you know the man, that sat at the Father's feet.
The man who was a friend, who cared about each one
The man that sought to bring others to the Son.

The man who loved his family, and treasured every day
That he would share their life in a special way.
The man who loved his children, and wanted them so near
The man who watched them grow and held those memories dear.

The one who watched his friends, as they crossed o'er the sea before
And how he longed to join with them, just to see their face once more.
But still he had a longing to stay with precious loved ones here
To share the joys and sorrows, to wipe away the fallen tear.

But God's plan for him finished, he's now with that great band
Of those who have gone before us, to that blessed promise land.
We'll miss his smile and laughter, his songs and words of cheer
But we'll seen him in the morning when the Lord says "Come up here"

Copyright 2000 D.Ann Bailey

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