We'll Always Love You, Glen!
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We"ll Always Love You, Glen!

Glen W. Payne

October 20, 1926 - October 15, 1999

Born in Royce City, TX, Glen Payne developed a love for Gospel Music at a very early age. Attending the Stamps School Of Music in Dallas for four years beginning in 1939, Glen learned the fundamentals of music that he credits for the long, satisfying career than spans almost sixty years. After serving in the US Army, Glen returned to the Stamps School Of Music, this time to teach, as well as sing with Frank Stamps' Quartet. In 1951, Glen moved to the Stamps-Ozark Quartet, remaining there until January of 1957 when he joined the Weatherfords. For the next six years, Glen would be a key member in what many Gospel historians have proclaimed as the "smoothest" group in Southern Gospel history.

In August of 1963, Glen, along with Bobby Clark and Danny Coker, formed a trio to sing for evangelist Rex Humbard in his Cathedral of Tomorrow in Akron, OH. Within eighteen months, the trio became a Quartet which Glen would eventually co-own with George Younce and manage. Today, the Cathedral Quartet is recognized around the world as the premier group in Southern Gospel Music - thanks primarily to the leadership and Southern Gospel Music dedication of that singing school student, Glen Payne.

Glen is survived by his wife Van, children Todd, Carla and Darla, and several grandchildren.


In Memory of Glen Payne

"We Shall See Jesus" was the song he's oft remembered by
And now he sees Him face to face in that city up on high.
He's shouting round the throne of God, as he often said he'd do
And visiting with the ones gone on, rejoicing with them too.

And though we'll miss him on this earth, we would not bring him back
For he is with his precious Lord, free from Satan's attack.
The many songs he's sung or times he's told about
The mercy of our Savior, oh, how he made us shout.

But of the many memories the ones I hold most dear
Were the times he shared his heart and would brush away a tear.
We do not sorrow for him, he's better off we know
We sorrow cause he beat us to that place we long to go.

We sorrow for the family that miss their loved one dear
But we rejoice in knowing that they'll meet again up there.
In that great wondrous city, the land of pure delight
Where there will be no parting, no sorrow and no night.

He'll "Shout All Over Heaven" and never tire there
He's left behind his troubles, his worries and his care.
He's joined the saints before him that have led the way
He's singing with the choir in the land of endless day.

And just as he encouraged us with his songs so true
Let's share that blessed message with others we meet too.
That we can be together in that city bright and fair
Join in that heavenly choir when we meet again up there.

And do not let the message he shared be done in vain
We do not part forever, no we will meet again.
And keep in mind the victory that our dear Savior won
The sacrifice, the Holy One, The Father's only Son.

So when I think of memories, of that one we loved so
I think of how to Calvary, our thoughts would always go.
When we heard him singing or telling of God's grace
Or when he talked about that wonderful heavenly place.

I think of how in heaven, he will run and sing and shout
With a glorified body that never shall wear out.
And I think of the rejoicing by those who had gone before
When they saw this precious friend walk thru heaven's door.

Copyright @1999 D. Ann Bailey
All Rights Reserved.


My memories of Glen Payne are many. They span over 25 years. There are those that would make you laugh and some that would make you cry. But my most treasured memory was when I felt that I had reached the end of my rope, that life was hopeless, Glen Payne sat and talked to me the whole time while several groups sang. He listened, I mean really listened while I shared the grief I was feeling at that time.

There were many people he could have talked to and many things he could have been doing. But he cared enough to show he cared.

This and many more memories are so special to me as I thank God He allowed my path to cross with Glen's those many years ago.

"Home-Going" -- In Celebration of the Life of Glen Weldon Payne

by Harold Timmons

"And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose." Romans 8:28
(one of Glen's favorite scriptures)

Probably some 1,000 fans, singers, musicians, and industry-related folks were on hand for Glen Payne's funeral service, held at his home church, First Baptist Church (The People's Church) in Franklin, TN. It was a beautiful service. For nearly two hours, there was laughter, tears, excitement, stories of his life, great singing, and praising God, in a very worshipful atmosphere just as I believe Glen Payne would have wanted, and at the end, there was an altar call. Eulogies were offered by Rev. Rick White, from First Baptist Church, and Rev. Rex Humbard and Rev. Wayne Jones from Ohio.

Glen's body lay in state from 12:00-2:00PM, and during this time, we were treated to the music of Glen's new solo project playing in the background. About five minutes before the service began, Lari Goss came to the piano, and offered beautiful arrangements of two hymns, "I Won't Have To Cross Jordan Alone" and "In The Sweet By And Bye."

Prior to the organization of The Cathedral Trio, Glen sang with The Weatherford Quartet from Akron Ohio during the late 50's and early 60's. Lily Fern Weatherford has always been one of his favorite singers, and prior to his death, he requested that she sing one of her best-known songs at his funeral, "Tell My Friends." It was a beautiful rendition, accompanied only by Lari Goss at the piano. She was followed by the Oak Ridge Boys with "Life's Railway to Heaven" acapella. Kirk Talley sang "Serenaded By Angels, David Ring sang "Victory In Jesus," joined in by the "Homecoming Friends" Choir and the audience, followed by The Gaither Vocal Band with "I Believe In A Hill Called Mt. Calvary."

One of the ministers said, "Glen was one of the best cheer leaders Gospel Music ever had," as he spoke of Glen always being excited and on fire during his performances. He lifted our spirits, he gave us encouragement. He was also spoken of as a "very" family oriented man.

Some sixty "Homecoming Friends" assembled in the choir, which was comprised of many former Cathedrals' members, and various soloists and members of many groups. These included Joel Hemphill, James Blackwood, Les Beasley, Gaither Vocal Band, Oak Ridge Boys, Lily Fern Weatherford, Ann Downing, Rex and Judy Nelon, and many others. Bill Gaither, Howard and Vestal Goodman, Jake Hess, and George Younce were seated on the platform with mikes. Bill directed the "Homecoming Friends" in "Oh Come, Angel Band," featuring solo verses by Mark Trammell, Johnny Minick, and Vestal Goodman, with the audience joining in on the encore, followed by "What A Meeting," which was also encored.

Roger Bennett sang a new song he had written for Glen, "Heroes Of The Faith," which was loved by all. The Cathedrals sang "Healing," which Roger explained that the verses adapted to him, George, and now Glen. Perhaps one of the greatest happenings at the service was a video performance of "We Shall See Jesus" sung by the Cathedrals featuring Glen. We stood as he got into the last verse, and most folks were worshiping. There had to be few dry eyes after this performance, which was followed by very long applause.

Near the end of the service, Bill Gaither came to the podium, accompanied by Kevin Williams on simple guitar, and sang a new song he had written for Glen, "Lord Send Your Angels to Watch Over Me," .... "wrap me in your sheltering arms," and the audience learned it and sang along.

In his closing remarks, Rev. White spoke of making the funeral arrangements, and that he had one request from Val, his wife, that being, that there be an altar call, as Glen would have wanted it. Bill Gaither led the congregation in "Victory In Jesus," and following the altar call, the audience was dismissed, while the family remained for a short service.

Glen would have loved this "Home-Going" service. Glen did love this service -- he was watching, listening, and singing right along with us with his heavenly choir, joined by those gone on from The Speer Family, The Blackwood Brothers, The Statesmen, The Chuck Wagon Gang, The LeFevres, The Goodmans, and many, many others.

c1999 Harold Timmons

Glen Payne, loved and respected by so many! He will be missed by us all!

Heaven's Sounding Sweeter All The Time!

A Special Thank You to Debbie Holbrooks and Marilyn Ward for the use of some wonderful pictures and to Harold Timmons for his detailed report of the "Home-Going".

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