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w i t h    y o u r    e y e s    w i d e    o p e n

Student Writing Survey/ Interest Inventory

Do you like to write? Why, or why not?

I love writing because I love expressing my feelings on paper so others know how I feel. Also, you can put things into your writing that aren't true and add it to something that really happened to you and make an excellent story.

Why do people write?

People probably write for the same reason I do.

What makes a piece of writing good?

When the author doesn't write too much detail or too little detail, that makes the story a great story.

What do you do especially well?

I like writing but I can't really tell if I'm good or not. I like writing fantasy or realistic fiction most of all. I like adding fiction to something that happened to me. I also love reading "Babysitters Club" books.

What are your favorite books?

I especially love "Babysitter Club" by Ann Martin. I also like to read books that are about a movie I want to see, so I can know what the movies mainly about before I see the movie.

What are you most curious about (what would you like to learn the most about)?

I've been wondering if I will become an author someday. I would love to become an author. I also wonder if in the 21st century, if we will be driving in cars like "The Jetsons" have.

By Kellyanne Lynch
Fall, 1991

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