"...so please hand me the bottle, I think I'm lonely now - and please give me direction, I think the hurt set in..."

My Three Wise Men - includes quotes from Rob Thomas!

I'm going to be putting my favourite MB20 quotes on this page, ones that I obtain from sources BESIDES the internet!!! If you want to see more quotes, these pages are available to you. I suggest you check out JonesCrazy; they have an excellent selection over there.

From MB20's Mad Season 2000 club concert in Detroit, MI:

From MB20's Yourself or Someone Like You Tour in Boston, MA: (all Rob quotes)

  • "This next song I wrote because it's a cheating song, and everybody needs a good cheating song, so this goes out to the b**** who gave all my clothes to Good Will." [before "Shame"]

  • "What the hell was that? You guys are good though, you stuck it in there with me, you were giving me the cue. You were giving me the big 'Rob! Rob, we can't f***ing hear you!' Sorry, baby. One little switch, and it's all good." [after "Shame"]

  • "This just seems like an inferiour microphone!" [after multiple problems with the stinking mic]
What's with the W?

Rob's reading my page
  • "This is for everyone who actually trecked out in the snow to come see us, as opposed to all them lazy warm motherf***ers sitting in their houses. We go beyond the weather!" [before "You and I and I"]

  • "If we walk off, and if anybody cares and wants us to come out and play another song, then I get to come out and play whatever damn song I want to. [spoken to band]Hey, what should I play?" [he then asks Joey Hoffman, the keyboard player, who picks "Rest Stop"]

From the article "An American Band" in Spin magazine, July 2000:

  • "Now I feel so not famous at all. I would rather be a successful songwriter. Stardom can come and go, and if you get fat, people make fun of you. If you're a songwriter, it doesn't matter." - Rob

  • "I'm going to commit suicide! I'm going to jump off my wallet!" - an unidentified band member, but not Rob, in response to a bad reviews

  • "If this were the road, [makes two parallel lines with his hands], you have your Korns and your Limp Bizkits over here [his right hand twitches] pushing the edge of aggression. And over here [left hand twitches] you have your Chemical Brothers and your Mobys pushing the rhythmic edge. And you need both those sides. But right down the middle [moving both hands like he's directing traffic], you need some people playing good songs, the kind you want to hear on the radio while you're hanging with your friends at the beach. We're not pushing the boundaries, but we're taking up some space there in the middle. I want to do that constantly." - Rob

  • "I want to bludgeon Rob in an alley with a Grammy." - Kyle Cook's idea for the video Bent

  • "[Doucette wants the] whole video to be a close-up like [Sinead O'Connor's] 'Nothing Compares 2 U,' but then Rob gets hit on the head with a baseball bat." - Paul's concept for the Bent video
These are all the Grammys that the other matchsticks will use later to beat Rob.

Aren't they CUTE?

From the article "Back to Good" in People magazine, 11/6/00:

  • "I wasn't looking for a girlfriend, and I definitely wasn't looking for a wife. I was looking to be the single rock guy... I knew the second I kissed her that I would never, ever kiss another person." - Rob, about his wife Marisol

  • "Girls are like, '[...] Do you realize that's Rob Thomas?!' I think it's really funny. He's a boy who's very sloppy and has to be shown where the hamper is." - Marisol Thomas [I'm considering her an honourary member of MB20, because she's a MAJOR inspiration behind Rob's most recent songs]

From the article "The Real World" in Guitar World magazine, January 2001:

  • "When you sell 10 million records, you start to realize how many things are out of your control." - Rob

  • "Sometimes I'm walking around for a year with the song in my head. And there will be something that I hear in the song. But when we're working on it in the band, I have to give that up a little bit - let the song go somewhere it might not have gone if I wee doing it on my own. The fun is watching where it goes." - Rob
Paul's coal-mining daddy

Rob was hungry, and the mic looked like pound cake.
  • "I think everybody in the band was so proud of Rob. There's no one of us who didn't well up when he won. I just remember them calling his name, and it was so surreal - my boy, our boy, just won a Grammy. It was so cool." - Adam, about Rob winning Grammys for Smooth

Rob getting ready to get married
Wouldn't YOU be beaming?

From the article "A Rock and Roll Fairy Tale" in Latingirl magazine, Feb/Mar 2001:

  • "We only talked for 10 minutes and as I left I told my best friend, 'This is the guy I am going to marry.' I just knew it. Then I went home and cried because he was a musician." - Marisol, about meeting Rob

  • "Her mom kept saying, 'That's the guy?' She still teases me about it." - Rob, about his mother-in-law's reaction when she first met him

  • "When she's modeling and I'm off, I just hang around and be the boyfriend. I think every good model should have the 'rock star boyfriend'." - Rob

  • "Carlos [Santana] is the one who made us really think about it. He said to me once, 'If not for your beautiful wife, I would not have this beautiful song ["Smooth"]' and he's right. Without her I would have never moved to New York and I would have never written the song. I would have nver known what a munequita was. I would have never thought about anything Spanish." - Rob

From the article "Light 'Er Up" in TV Guide, 10/16/00:

  • "We just read somewhere that being famous is the closest a man can get to being a beautiful woman. When my wife walks down the street she causes catastrophes. You've got to be best friends. If you are, nothing else matters." - Rob, when asked if Marisol ever gets jealous of the attention Rob receives

  • "It probably was, but I was too stupid to know it. When I was 17 or 18, I would hitchhike around the Southeast. Someone would say, "Let's drive to the beach for a week," and I would just jump in the car and go. I consider it the time in my life where all my character comes from." - Rob, when asked if it was ever dangerous when he was homeless

From the article "People of the Year: Matchbox Twenty" in Rolling Stone magazine, December 14 - 21, 2000, (all Rob):

From the matchbox twenty newsletter, vol. 1, number 1, (both from Adam):

  • "Oh, and speaking of my Grandma, did I ever mention to you that she moves with the speed of a young, spry maine lobster."

  • "...The most important thing to remember is seatbelts, vegetables and lots of water. It's great for losing weight and just plain hydration. Water is key."

From Adam's postcard from the road, 3/20/00:

[NOTE: I suggest that you read all of Adam's postcards, especially 4/12/98's. Adam's insane.]

Rob listening to yet another one of Adam's crazy stories