"...so please hand me the bottle, I think I'm lonely now - and please give me direction, I think the hurt set in..."

Some people aren't very good with change. If you're looking at this page, you might just be one of them. There, now! Everything's going to be okay! You'll get used to the new page layout!

Here's the old intro, to make you feel better:

I had the intention of creating a web page for this kick satsfleisch band for quite some time now. Today, off this Dristan high, I'm coming up with some ideas for the page that I deem pretty good... at least right now. Bear in mind though, I'm still riding the antihistimine yellow submarine. Anything too far gone, please bring to my attention. Danke.

You know how there are movies that supersede the classification of "movie" or "film"? Well this is a band that bends the definition of "songs", "lyrics", "pop", "rock", "music", or any common words that classify the vibes resonating through the speakers of your home stereo, car, or life. Yes, kids, they are matchbox twenty , a set of words that one cannot utter without hearing applause trailing behind them. matchbox twenty. Never a day shall pass without you. Otherwise, it's a long day. And, well, you understand. It all goes back to matchbox twenty.

Okay, about this site. I will be your host. I've gone by Kellyanne, Shadow, or She-Wolv on past sites, but I feel the appropriate pseudonym for this here page is dearjoan. Trace the roots of matchbox twenty; you'll find the name which I have the audacity to use as my own.

This site will house my fanfiction, my everfamous (okay, just written), vignette on why matchbox twenty rocks the jukebox, some poetry, lyrics interpretations, perhaps some quotes, random pictures strewn about. I don't claim to own these pictures. I'm using them from other sites; you'll find links to these places on the page titled CONTACT.

So what is the mission of this site? Well, having posed the question myself, I shall answer it! (I AM on a high, ain't I). My site is a tribute to one band, THE band. Other sites will do much better justice to expressing how matchbox twenty has affected the lives of the millions on a macrocosmic level. I'm over here, taking up a slice of the microcosmic. This is how matchbox twenty has touched me.

Written later:   While all those chemicals were bouncing around inside my cerebral cortex, (BTW, I'm back to "normal" now), I neglected to mention that I'm wanting fan input on this site like Adam's wanting apple juice. Has matchbox twenty affected you profoundly? (Well that's a rhetorical question! I mean, does Pookie shuffle?) Please send your matchbox twenty-related creativities to dearjoan, i.e. me, and you'll be sure to see your submission added here before Paul's next hair colour change.

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