"...so please hand me the bottle, I think I'm lonely now - and please give me direction, I think the hurt set in..."

I have a little blue box where I keep little matchbox twenty treasures. I scanned these images myself, so they're ALL mine, and you can't have them, hahahahahaha... If you take a look around this site, you'll see that I'm using other people's pictures but set links to their pages. So I'm letting all y'all take as many pictures as you'd like, so long as you please put a link on your site for me. Fair enough? Do I get the shares with others reward?

Spread the Matchstick Love!


Rob looks so goofy in this picture; I love it.
BTW, in case you're wondering, all this stuff didn't fit in that little blue box. I keep the big articles in the back of the issue of Spin magazine that has the matchsticks on the front. You know the one.