Worcester Massachusetts Concert Pictures (3/15/01)


The following pictures were taken with my sister Colleen's camera:

left to right: Colleen, Paul, Anne, and I don't know, [NOTE: Please, if you know who this is, (or are this person), email me ASAP. I will update. Thanks!] Picture taken by dearjoan.

l - r: Colleen, Paul, and me (dearjoan). Picture taken by my roommate, Anne.

Paul walking his dog. Picture taken by Colleen.

l - r: Marie, Kerri, and Paul. Picture taken by Colleen.

Kerri and Paul. Picture taken by Colleen.

The following picture was taken with Anne's camera, by Anne:

Paul and Winnie posing for another camera.

The following pictures were taken with dearjoan's camera, by dearjoan.
[You can tell, because there's a stinking red splotch down the side, from when I dropped my camera]:

Paul signing Colleen's CD booklet.

Colleen smiling, because Paul just signed her CD booklet. Winnie's on the right.

If you look closely, you can see Paul holding the tea and the baby doll head in most of the shots, (the tea's under his left arm, and the baby doll head is in his left hand).

Again, PLEASE email me if you know the mystery girl in the first picture. I would REALLY appreciate it! Thank you, Winnie, for identifying the original set of "I don't knows"!

Reasons Why Colleen's Pictures Are Better Than Mine:
  1. She has one of those Kodak APS cameras that do panoramic shots.
  2. She has had more practice taking pictures.
  3. She kept clicking away. There were some bad shots in there; we just didn't use them.
  4. She didn't smash her camera into the pavement.
  5. She knew when to hand her camera to somebody else and ask them to take her picture with Paul.

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