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Joining Clan EBC

Hey, glad you want to join our clan. However, there are some rules and regulations. First of all, you must obey the following:

1) Respect other EBC members, especially your superiors.

2) Show the same respect to ally clans.

3) Never beat a fellow member. Decide who won, then ally for a draw.

4) You can't recruit people, but you can recommend them to me or others on the Leadership Council.

5) Pass "The Test" (See bottom of page)

The Test - Answer these questions a, b, or c. You don't need a perfect score to get in, but it helps.

1. In Earthbound, what is the highest level of OFFENSIVE attack?

a. Delta - b. Alpha - c. Omega

2. Which is NOT an offensive Psi attack?

a. Psi Hurricane - b. Psi Freeze - c. Psi Thunder

3. What weapon has the most base power?

a. Gutsy Bat - b. Casey Bat - c. Psi Bat

4. What is the last name of the evil Pokey, Ness's neighbor?

a. Minch - b. Andonuts - c. Eagland

5. What is the clan's logo? (If you miss this, you don't get in.)

a. EB - b. EC - c. EBC

Next send this info: Name

Desired EBC name

Skill level from 1 (Newbie) to 5 (Pro)

Record (Don't lie. I can check your record in about 10 seconds.)

Email the answers to the Test, along with the other info HERE.