rare image gallery-the skin

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(18+) A topless shot of Kristi Myst from XPW

A sexy shot of Lita and Trish in mini skirts holding hands

(18+) XPW's Lizzie Borden bares it all

(18+) Farooq, Rikishi, Viscera, and The Godfather at a strip club
Thanks to Judge Gonz

Vince forces Trish to strip down on RAW

(18+) FrankenChyna's fake juggs slip out in her last match

(18+) NUDE shot of Missy Hyatt's taking a shower
For more visit her site www.WrestlingVixxxens.com

(18+) NUDE shot of Tammy Sytch on the beach
For more visit her site www.WrestlingVixxxens.com

(18+)Topless shot of Lita, sorta, the puppies slipped out on Raw

Somebody forgot to turn their headlights off!

Quite simply the HOTTEST pic of Trish ever!

A nice shot of Lita's pierced tongue!

A pic of Kurt Angle's sexy wife Karen

Another hot pic of Trish....damn lucky hat!

The closest you'll ever get to a topless shot of Torrie Wilson

Topless shot of XPW's Kristi Myst, move the hands!

Trish and some other hottie totally NUDE waiting for the rain

Jasmin St. Clair enjoys a hot afternoon shower

No doubt about it, she has THE best ass in wrestling!

(18+)Elektra's top comes down at an ECW House Show
Thanks to Cobb for submitting this one

Nice upskirt shot of Dawn Marie and Jasmin St. Clair in ECW
Thanks to Cobb for submitting this one

(18+)Francine "slips out" during a Tommy Dreamer piledriver

The Kat NUDE on the kitchen counter

See Stephanie take a bump, see Stephanie fall down, see Stephanie show her ass!

Rare? No, just a damn hot pic of Midajah in lingerie

(18+) Chyna's ENTIRE Playboy pictorial

Mae Young showing the world her "droopies"-USE EXTREME CAUTION!

It was the 2000 Armageddon WWF PPV, the day we saw The Kat's PUPPIES!

(18+) Former WCW star Asya during a NUDE photo shoot!

Damn it Daddy! My dressing room is TOO cold!

Think Tori from the WWF is hot? You may change your mind after seeing this EARLY pic

Ok, Tori looks better these days, especially in this REVEALING pic!

Rare pic of Stacey Keibler when she was a cheerleader for the Baltimore Ravens

(18+) Major Gunns nude at the hubcap store???

(18+) Major Gunns "hanging out" on the farm!

Sable with that famous HAND painted swimsuit. Look at the King's face!

(18+) Former nWo hoochie, April Hunter NUDE!

(18+) Another April Hunter NUDE, this time working out!

Trish Stratus and Torrie Wilson hang out at a bodybuilding expo

(18+) A hot shot of Kimberly Page NUDE while DDP looks on

(18+) Another sexy shot of Kimberly Page NUDE while DDP looks on, lucky bastard

(18+) Kimberly Page still NUDE posing for the camera

(18+) Jackie's breasts "slipped out" and we have the proof!

Remember when Terri Runnels "flashed" The Sultan?

A hot pic of Missy Hyatt NUDE with The Sandman's canes

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