Welcome To wolfey's Den

if u wanna see the temp and time where i am from click HERE! *S*

hello! my name is gregg or as my chatfriends from chathouse.com call me gregg-wolfey (kinda explains the name of my page *LOL*)

well this little set up is my own personal homepage (DUH!!) just been hanging out with lots of folks who have homepages so i said "hell why don't i try one!" so here is my first attempt, hope u like it if not *stick my tongue out at u* *LMAO*

i was born in columbia, south carolina on july 29th, 1976 (so i am???? 28 u r correct!). i was adopted and raised by a wonderful couple, who i concider my real and only parents, and i am happy to say they have been married for about 30 years (go mom and dad!). i have an older sister, 29, who lives in tennesse, and an older brother, who is aproching 30, living near myrtle beach here in s.c. they were adopted also.

i had a very happy childhood with many fond memories *S* i know my parents raised me right cuze i try to be good, nice, kind, friendly, compassionate to my fellow humans and animals (sometimes the people act more like animals than the animals do! *LOL*), and i help people with their problems if they want my help.*VBS* this is just the intro. page so u can find out more about me click the links *S*

this candle is in memory of the 13 dead and 23 wounded in the school shooting on April 20, 1999 in Littleton CO. click the candle and u will be taken to a page for them and sign the guesbook please. i also wrote a poem in dedication to them click HERE and u can go right to it or u can follow the link at the bottom of the page that says wolfey's poetry page.

I adopted more cyber pets, so they needed their own page *S* if u wanna see them click ENTER *S*

ps- if any of u wanna be knights out there even THINK about hurtin my Babies my Wizard Guardians will FRY YOUR BUTT! so watch it!!!

i would like to send out a very special THANK U to my dear friend glistening eyes for creating the wonderful wolfey pic at the top of this page :-)


for those of u who don't know I LOVE MACINTOSH! i have a Power Macintosh G3 it has 224 MB of RAM and a 3.3 GIG hard drive and it is as fast as greased lighting! i also have a flatbed scanner so my pics will be added when i get around to them and i also have a printer that does a wonderful job with color and it is cool and i loves my stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *VBS* *L*

here r some i have recieved! check em out! *S*