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Canadian Hockey League Single Game Records

(As of 11/18/2001 12:45:45)

As generated by XtraStats for FHL.
by Wynn Fenwick and Fred Hurtubise
Modifiť par Steve St-Amand


Goals               3, Mark Parrish (Hurricanes), chl10.html,
                       Pavol Demitra (Oilers), chl8.html,
                       Theoren Fleury (Blues), chl6.html,
                       Pierre Turgeon (Blues), chl6.html,
                       Peter Forsberg (Kings), chl1.html
Assists             4, Brian Leetch (Kings), chl9.html
Points              6, Theoren Fleury (Blues), chl6.html
+/-                 4, Brian Leetch (Kings), chl9.html,
                       Alexander Mogilny (Blues), chl6.html,
                       Mario Lemieux (Canadiens), chl3.html
PIM                14, Gord Murphy (Flames), chl12.html
Shots               9, Andrei Kovalenko (Trashers), chl12.html,
                       Peter Bondra (Penguins), chl5.html

Ice Time           49, Tony Amonte (Flames), chl12.html


Saves              49, Patrick Lalime (Flames), chl12.html, 49 saves on 51 shots (.960)
Shots faced        51, Patrick Lalime (Flames), chl12.html, 49 saves on 51 shots (.960)
Lowest Save %    .733, Patrick Roy (Avalanche), chl10.html, 11 saves on 15 shots (.733)


Goals               9, Blues, chl6.html
Assists            15, Blues, chl6.html
Points             24, Blues, chl6.html
PIM                31, Flames, chl12.html
Shots              51, Trashers, chl12.html


Goals              11, Islanders - Blues, chl6.html,
                       Senators - Kings, chl1.html
Assists            20, Senators - Kings, chl1.html
Points             31, Senators - Kings, chl1.html
PIM                39, Flames - Trashers, chl12.html
Shots              93, Flames - Trashers, chl12.html