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What a Perfect WONDERLAND

The States have thier Six Flags, Thier Darrien Lake and their Disney theme parks... what do I have? WONDERLAND! I love my wonderland... full of fun, fantasy and lots of hot guys! Oh baby!

Let's start off with the kids: Yes they have a mini theme park with mini rides and shows that they would love. Perfect set up for me to abuse!

I got a little obsessed with a couple of the characters, and in the end, made new friends:

Gotta luv that scoobs....

Dont' forget that luvable Barney!

Ooo! Ooo! And Yogi!

Then there were shows... I liked shows... There was this one called Tropicale... Man I must have seen it more than a hundred times.. and I met a lot of nice people, and hot dancers!!!!

Ahhh... Divers... this next picture was taken in 98... the very beginning of my obsession over this boy: Martin Mayers (that year named Matt)

Diver. Divers are mean! Meh, what can you do?