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IF THeRe WeRe aN aWaRD FoR THe uGLieST GiRL iN NeWMaRKeT, i'D WiN

(???) I'm wearing a shirt that came from an ex... yay.

(April 3 '99) People said to me on this very day, "Sarah, you look like that girl from Empire Records. Jane, was it?"

(April 10 '99) I REMEMBER THIS DAY!! I saw Scott.. .

(May '99) Like my ballooooooon?

(May 18'99) A photobooth pic... I rather like this one.

(June 6'99) Seen with Velma and Shaggy from Scooby Doo

(Oct 23) I like this picture. but everyone else hates it!

Baby Sarah!!

(dec... sometime)I love Dylan's glasses!

(dec 24'99) That's Dr.Evil. I didn't go through 4 years of Evil medical school to be called Mister, thank you very much

(Jan 15, 2000) Ahhh, I like pink

(March 10, 2000) It was Old School Day at school.. I called it 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, early 90's day becasue those were the eras we could choose from. I won the cosutme contest, god knows why, and Chis Earle gave me Grease as a prize. I already have grease... damn him... so I gave the video to Kerrie cause I love her so.

(between Feb 17-24) It was horror night in Cuba!!

(between Feb 17-24) In cuba again!!!

(March 17)I don't really like this pic.. but look! My hair is purple! Well, it is.. it's just hard to see it.

Too see a hidious picture of me with out makeup, click Here

Gradding class 2000!! yay me!

(April 28) At the lava lounge with gorgious Peter and a monkey!

(May 12) My horrible Promday. I got tired of pictures being taken, so I decided to make a photo shoot out of it! Oh, that sexi-bitch I'm with is Laura... She's a sexi-bitch

(june 27 2000) before my sisters's grad... I BLINKED!

(July 17) I bought a i-zone camera. my sister took my picture!

Later in the day at work (no makeup.. ewww) there was a tornado.... some guy stole my camera and took my picture