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Tethan's House

Tethan's House

"Welcome!"Tethan said without looking up,"Welcome to my house." looking up now "Have you come to learn the gift of magic? Well, sit down and I'll explain it to you. But first, we must eat. I shall go and get something." Tethan walked off leaving you to admire the beautiful tapestries. Within a minute, Tethan returned with some food. "Ready?" he asked, "Well, here we go. Which magic would you like to learn?

High Magic?

Battle Magic?

The Funny side of the Slann's Phycology?

The History of myself?

If you would just sign your name here, you may become part of the Warhammer Club! Come! Feast with my guests!No? Well, come and learn at the University I founded. Or, you could come and meet my young follower, Lithil.

souls have come looking for the Gift of Magic!