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London Travel Journal


I have had a love affair with England ever since I can remember.

My dream was to visit London and in February 1999, it happened. I left employment the month before, and used a very small portion of my annuity to make my dream come true. I knew if I didn't make the trip then, I'd probably never make it. Finding a travel partner for a quick, "on-a-shoestring" 4-day trip wasn't difficult ~ my good friend, Mary, is always willing to go and do whenever I suggest wild and crazy ideas!

Neither of us had ever been to England. We planned the entire trip with the help of the Internet (a fabulous resource), travel books (mainly Fodor's), videotapes from the public library, and dozens of helpful tips and suggestions received from friends.

After spending some time thinking about the places we each definitely wanted to visit, Mary and I met together one night at her house, with a pad of paper, travel guides, and several pots of tea. We prioritized our choices and, working together as good friends do, compiled a list of "Must See" and "If We Have Time" choices. We were also careful to build in some "downtime," allowing for serendipitous adventures. (Which later proved a very wise move, indeed.)

I spent the next weeks poring over a good map of London, and gradually created the itinerary, grouping each days' activities by location. This allowed us to spend time in a different general location of town every day.

This online London Travel Journal is based on the written journal I kept during the trip. The journal was indispensable ~ daily activities were outlined, addresses listed, pertinent information written down, all of which contributed to a perfect trip abroad.

And now, I invite you to pour yourself a cup of tea and vicariously experience Four Wonderful Magical Days in London ...

Tuesday - The Night Before

Wednesday - Departure

Thursday - London

Friday - London

Saturday - London

Sunday - London

Monday - The Trip Home

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