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Steel/Dr. John Henry Irons

Comic Book Biography

55555 He is a brilliant engineer. After the supposed demise of the Man of Steel, Dr. Irons (literally) arose from the ashes and fought to preserve Superman's fight for Truth, Justice, and the American Way. (And against gang warfare in New Jersey.) Using his intellect, he created a complete steel suit of armor, with Superman's "S" shield emblazened on his chest, and of course a sledge hammer. He is currently in Wash. D.C. working in a hospital, under Dr. Villain (pronounced: wil-hain). His identity as Steel is publicly known, which tend to cause problems in his personal life.

Animated Series Biography

55555 John Henry Irons was an inventor and researcher for LexCorp. He developed the ultra modern police suit, code named the "Prototype". It is a supersuit which allows members of the Metropolis PD to have the same abilities and power as Superman. When the suit took control of the subjects mind and caused the officer to lose control, Superman and Irons decided it was not ready for use, and must be destroyed. Superman told Irons that if he could go back and improve the suit, he could use the help. Irons quit Lex Corp and went to work on improving the suit.

55555 When Irons witnesses the return of Metallo, who is on the verge of destroying Superman with his Kryptonite powered exoskeleton, Irons knows he must act. He dons the new suit he has been developing, and grabs the battle hammer he made to go with it, and Steel is born. He saves Superman's life and the Man of Steel has a friend and comrade in the fight against evil in Metropolis.

Movie Biography

55555 In 1996, Warner Brothers made the movie "Steel" to try and capitalize on the renewed interest in Superman from the "Death of Superman" saga. Starring Shaquille O'Neal, the film was very loosely based on the comic book character and bombed at the box office as well as on video. In the movie, Shaq plays an army intelligence officer who, after an accident which leaves one man dead and his friend crippled, is court martialed. He creates the character of Steel when the same technology that caused the accident begins to wind up on the streets. While Steel has become a popular character in comic books since his debut, a movie about this man should have never been made.