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Welcome to our official website! We just want to clear up any confusion about who the Real Sith Lords are! Are council of the ORIGINAL 4 appears below. We are the REAL SITH LORDS. Are clan dates back just after the invention of the Internet itself! We are the BEST online players there is and will be defeated by none! We make War against ALL Jedi Knight and any who back them, so beware of the Sith as we prepare to destroy the JEDI!!! We are now looking for EXPERT Starcraft players to sit on our council! These "Leaders" must have at least 200 wins, a inner hate for the Jedi Knight, and the patience to teach the young apprentices! We are also training less experienced players to learn the ways of proper play as apprentices to the Council Lords. Are apprentice list is growing very RAPIDLY! I will put a notice on this page when we can teach no more until we have more council members, but for now we are still accepting applications for apprentiships. If you would like to become an apprentice(25-50 wins minumum) or sit on the clan council(200 wins minumum), email me HERE! I will be updating this page often and will be adding links to other pages also. So if you would like your link on our page, email me!!

The original SITH LORDS of Warcraft, Myth, Quake, Diablo and Starcraft!