The sun came up like any day,

And shone up in the sky.

Who could know the coroner,

Would bring this message by?

“Your son is gone, he was found dead,

At the Comfort Inn.

The others there say it was drinking,

Along with heroin.”

“Now heroin is cheaper,

Than marijuana, so they say.

It may have caused your son’s demise,

And took his life away.”

They say they tried CPR,

Long after he was dead.

They dragged him in the shower first,

Or so that’s what they said.”

“But the story does keep changing,

So we’ll wait for the reply.

Toxicology will tell the tale,

Of how your son did die.”

“There was no easy way,

To break this news to you.

And we do apologize,

For what we’ve put you through!”

“There’s nothing that we can do,

To bring your baby back.

But we will sure investigate.

And get justice for your Zack!”


August 12, 2002


Jan. 31, 1985 to August 3, 2002

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