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January 31, 1985 to August 3, 2002


It seems there is no comfort or no reason why,

It seems there is no solace to explain just why.

It seems that understanding has merely slipped away,

It seems to get no easier when dawn turns into day.

Can we find the solace that will ease our very soul?

Can we find the meaning so life can start to flow?

Is this just a moment thatís frozen into time?

Will the meaning finally come and free our heart and mind?

There seems to be no answer that anyone can find.

There seems to be no vision, as everyone seems blind.

There seems to be just numbness in all extremities.

There seems to be just sadness for all eternity.

Will this sacrificial lamb merely be in vain?

Will it be that everyone will just forget his name?

Will we ever put to rest this tragedy we had?

Will there ever be a day that we wonít be so sad?

We must find the answers, this must be our goal.

We must find the solace, the solace for our soul.