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Walk a little plainer, daddy

Said the little kids so frail,

We are following in your footsteps,

and we don't want to fail!

Sometime your steps were very plain,

Sometimes they were hard to follow,

And suddenly before our eyes,

The past became tomorrow!

We all know you once walked this way,

Many years ago.........

And what you did along the way,

We'd all LOVE to know!

For often we were tempted,

And knew not what to do,

So we walked a little plainer, dad

and then we followed you!

And now that we are all grown up,

And have children or our own,

We tried to walk the same old path,

The way we did back home!

We wanted so to lead them right,

And help them to be true....

So we remembered the path you walked,

And how we followed you!