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S.J.C. Institute of Technology, Chickballapur,Karnataka, India.

S.J.C. Institute of Technology

S.J.C. Institute of Technology,

Bangalore-Bellary Road, Chickballapur -562101.

This College of Engineering setup under the ageis of Sri Adichunchunagiri Shikshana Trust is located in the serene atmosphere of rural Chickballapur which is very near to Bangalore. Hence it is having all the properties of Cosmopolitan Bangalore and that of Rural Chickballapur. It is also very near to Nandi Hills, a hill resort.
It was setup in October 1986 under the affiliation of Bangalore University, One of the largest university in Asia and has since grown from about four branches of engineering to what it is now. As of today it is under the affiliation of Sir M Vishveshwariah University of Technical Education, Karnataka. There are about 1200 students studying here in five branches of engineering : and the following Post Graduate courses:

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If you did belong to S.J.C.I.T at any time and are not aware of the Alumni Association then just Click on this site to get to the site of the Alumni association of S.J.C.I.T.
Alumni Association

Here is a list of the birthdays of ex students of SJCIT. Only a few people known to the webmaster of this site has been listed. Others people can contact the webmaster for getting their name listed.

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