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Listed below are links to our Members' own Pages.

If you would like your page included and are a fully paid up Member of the Club please contact the Site Administrator at Short Haired Cat Society

Links to Members' Own Web Pages

GCCF - our governing body
PORTEOUS - British Tabbies & Spotteds + Boarding Facilities in Berkshire
PALANTIR - Orientals, Angoras and a lovely garden in North London
VERVAIN - Asians & Burmese in Nottinghamshire + Boarding Facilities
NISHALKA - Abyssinians in Staffordshire
ICEMOOR - British Shorthair,Exotic Shorthair and Persian Cats
SARGENTA - Silver Tabbies and Spotteds in Kent
FAMANDRIA - British and Burmese in the West Midlands
HINDERSLYNE - British and Bengals living happily together in Gloucester
SINGALTO - British Shorthairs in Ipswich (especially Tabbies)
The PARISH Cats 'at home'
POSITIVELY - Stunning British in Wales
FANATIKAT - British Shorthairs in Lancashire in various colours
DIWALI - British Shorthairs in Cardiff
MOORMIST - British Shorthairs in Devon
DIXYLAN - British Blue, Lilac and Colourpointeds in Milton Keynes
KHANCOBAN- British Shorthairs and Siamese in Oxfordshire
STEELAWAY - British Shorthairs in Chepstow, South Wales
JOCOCA - British Blues,Creams,Blue/Creams and Bi-Colours in Berkshire
BEDAZZLE - British Tipped in Farnham,Surrey
HUSHPAD - Tonkinese Burmese & British in Staffordshire
ANNALOVA - elegant Russian Blues in North Yorkshire
MAROZKA - British Tipped in Bath
RUTTERKIN - British Tabbies,Bengals and Maine Coons in the West Midlands
MACHIKA - Russian Blues and Burmese in South Derbyshire
BLUESKIES - British Black Tipped and Golden Tipped in Salisbury,Wiltshire
MEWMEW - British Shorthairs in Norfolk
BARIJKA - Bengals in Somerset
ANNATHE - British Shorthairs in various colours in Peterborough
MACHIKA - Burmese and Russian Blues in Aston-on-Trent Derbyshire
CLOUDMAKER - British Shorthairs in Westcliffe-on-Sea,Essex
SKELLUM - British Shorthairs in Rugby Warwickshire
SCORPIO - Bengals and Siamese in Telford Shropshire
KOLINGA - British Blues and Silver Tabbies on the Derbyshire/Notts border
ACMEBRITS - British Shorthairs in Watford Herts
VISATCHE - British Blues and Silver Tabbies and Spotteds in Dorset
CHOCTAW - Orientals in Wolverhampton
ARAVAL - British Shorthairs in Northamptonshire
ELLYPUD - British Shorthairs in Nuneaton
DUSHENKA - Russian Blue in Glasgow
STONEMARR - British Shorthairs in Worcester
SHIMMERCLAW - Silver Tabby and Spotted in Kent
LARNIKAT - Colourpointed British in Walsall, West Midlands
KERNMERE - British Shorthairs in Coventry
KINGSWINCH - British Shorthairs in Kings Lynn, Norfolk
TANYRALLT - British Blues & British Tipped near Swansea  
CHURCHBELLES - British Shorthairs in Market Harborough
LANSBURY - British Blues,Creams & Associated Bi & Tri colours in Gloucestershire
TANGLEKEYS - British Shorthairs in Northamptonshire
MIBAYBESE - British Shorthairs in Gloucestershire
VIBRAKAT - British Blues in Somerset
MENARA - British Shorthairs in the West Midlands
KIMCATZ - British Shorthairs in Kettering, Northants
TOBYSDEN - Friendly Bengals in Market Drayton, Shropshire