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Sean's 1978 Mustang II Site

My 1978 Mustang II Before......

and, My 1978Mustang II After...!!!!

In the four Photo's above you really cant tell, But the paint has suffered Severely from just Sitting in the backyard! One good thing that I have discovered, as long as it has sat there, NO RUST!! The only thing it needs is a Good Buffing with Compound and a Good Waxing! And of Course I need to get it Running...LOL

Here you can see that I took the Rear Decklid out of the Back and Carpeted it, yes Carpet....As you scroll down you will see I have 12" Speakers in the Trunk, and the effect of Carpeting the Decklid helps reduce the Vibration! As far as the PIONEER decal goes, I need to take it off now, I have NOTHING PIONEER anymore! Oh, and for all you NASCAR fans...Thats Calvin with a #3 helmet on PI$$IN on the #24....No Offense Intended...... And as for the antenna, Its a CB antenna, Lip mount and the mast stands 8 Feet, Thats 8 feet OFF the Trunk, I cant go to the Lower deck in the Mall anymore! LOL

Here is a picture from outside the Drivers side door, IN! Not much prettyness here! There are Seat covers, Ugly Carpet, and a Steering wheel cover...All of these will Soon be refurbished in years to come!

And here like I promised before is the Picture of the Trunk where the 12's sit...Powering the 12's is a 300watt 1 channel 2ohm stable Kenwood Amp, along with a Kenwood-3009 CD-Player! You can Also see that the trunk is Carpeted! I got so fed up with cutting my hands up on the Metal around the trunk, that I went out and got a roll of Carpet and did it myself! It wasnt hard at all, I used Spray Glue in an Aerosal can!

I have FINALLY Gotten her Running, she was Born again in Late October 99! Come to find out I had Burnt all the Valves...hehehe...Guess thats what ya get for tryin to Race Everything that pulls Up next to you at a Light! In July 2000 I bought a Grant Steering wheel that is 1/2 the size of my Old Original one! Oh, and please, if anyone has any comments to make about my site, PLEASE sign my guestbook! Please keep returning to see what other updates have arrived!

Here is the new horse in my Stables, she's a 1976 Cobra II. Blue deluxe interior, a 302 with a high-rise manifold and 4bbl carb (Both edelbrock). Will be built to look as it did when bought brand new and also replicate the '76 Cobra II in the Series "Charlie's Angels"

and Here, is My Dear Friend Heather's 1999 Ford Mustang......

Sean's collection of Shania Twain Picture's

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