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A Project to Give Higher Education to Villages

Every Child has Right of Education

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I presume all my friends, students, relatives, well-wishers trust me a lot and respect me too. I hope you all read it with great heart about the SCHOOL-PROJECT that I am taking up sincerely and details are for your perusal.

Basically, I came up from a village where there is no high school though there is a rich need. Hitherto, no one has bothered and no hopes further too. Many of the poor students couldn't afford to go to towns for studies and besides that some of the parents reluctant to send their daughters to towns for studies. Having seen that I sincerely believe that there is a need of constructing a High school.

I took this project with dedication and expecting co-operation and assistance from all my people who do trust me a lot always. I express my deep sense of gratitude and indebted to all who contribute some loving amount for up-bringing the project. I promise that I couldn't misuse even single penny of the contributions and also I would like to show-up always the reached contributions Group by person name, place, phone, amount etc. In addition to that all the donators names will be echoed on the school order by amount.

Absolutely no one is really forced. It will be nice if you pass this information to those who might be interested in. I really appreciate your responses, replies, suggestions, advises etc. at my e-mail address


Sairam Yeruva, 904-B10 Park ridge road , Durham , NC 27713

Phone: home : ( 919 ) 419 8742 off: ( 919 ) 765 7206




Construction of a Free Secondary School for needy villages and maintaining until GOVT recognizes.


Pedapalakalur, Guntur,

Andhra Pradesh, INDIA.


More than 6000.

Expected construction date

March 6th 1999.

First Academic year

June, 1999.