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Antennas You Can Build

Long Wire AM Antenna

This is a highly inpracticle antenna to build you will need about 5 to 10 acres of land to pull it off but if you can get this baby up it will pull in DX like flies on you know what. I could pick up WLW in Cincinatti at 8 db at 11 in the morning! Thats more than 200 miles from my station in Michigan.

Go down to your local Radio Shack and buy 490 feet of #22 insulated copper wire (this is a lot of wire and they might not have that much in stock, and it could get pretty expensive) The cheaper alternative that will work almost as good is Magnet wire it comes in packs of 3 spools in one pack each spool is about 100 ft and only cost $4, buy 2 packs.

Heres the hard part. Try to wire all 490 ft of this wire out. I started from the back of my radio went up the roof, and strung it across the top of trees in the back of my house. It took almost 5 acres of land.


I have a DX 398 and tested the antenna by just listening with and w/out the antenna connected. I found durring the day WLW almost 200 miles from my station was compleatly not audible at all without the antenna but with it connected it pulled it in stronger than some local stations. I was able to receive several stations 2 to 300 miles away durring the day with this antenna!