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Hail Stops Play

May 28th Marlay Park - Sandyford II v Leinster VI

After a start delayed by heavy showers and ominous sky's the Sandyford - Leinster Intermediate B game finally got started. The wicket already damp from the weeks heavy rain was well prepared as usual by the Grounds Manager Cliff Kennedy, however inevitably it was a little bit on the slow and low side (a pudding is probably the best description). Sandyford got off to the usual pedantically slow start, with Brendan McConville and Anto Burke making hard work of the opening Leinster bowlers. Burke finally got one that kept low and was given LBW. Soon after a top edged 6, McConville was caught a slip from one that jumped at caught the glove. It sounds like a test match dismissal, the reality is that the whole affair took about 2 minutes from the time the ball left the bowlers hand to the time that the slip fielder stopped juggling it!! An all Australian partnership accelerated the scoring somewhat, Gary Hibbard teaming up with fellow countryman Ben Sissini. However just after Hibbard got out the hail came, the pictures below show the evidence. The match was abandoned soon afterwards.

Pictures kindly provided by James L Kelly

Craig Senior tries his best to get the wicket back to some sort of playable state (he was next in to bat!!). In his own words "this is the first time he has played forward in years.