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Kendall Family

1. Richard Kendall
Birth: 1355
Death: 1431

2. John Kendall
Birth: 1400
Death: Aug 7, 1486
3. John Kendall
Birth: 1421 Appleby, Westmoreland CO., England
Death: 1501 Appleby, Westmoreland CO., England
Wife: Margaret ? 1434 England


John Kendall and Margaret's children:

Edith Elizabeth MILES

vi. George Kendall
Birth: 1442


Henry Kendall and Edith Elizabeth Miles' children:

5i. Francis Kendall
Birth: 1480 Appleby, Westmoreland CO., England
Death: 1561 Appleby, Westmoreland CO., England
Wife: Mary ? Westmoreland CO., England

ii. Richard Kendall
Birth: 1482
Death: 1491

iii. Birth: 1484

iv. John Kendall (Unsure if he belongs here)
Birth: 1486

v. William Kendall (unsure if he belongs here)
Birth: 1488


Francis Kendall and Mary ?'s Children:

6i. James Kendall
Birth: 1504 Westmoreland England
Death:1578 Norfolk, Norfolk CO., England
Wife: Elizabeth MILES 1525 England

ii. Jeremiah Kendall
Birth: 1506
Death: 1530

iii. Bartholomew Kendall
Birth: 1508

iv. Edward Kendall
Birth:@1510, Westmoreland, England

v. John Kendall
Birth: 1512 Westmoreland, England

vi. Thomas Kendall
Birth: 1514


James Kendall and Elizabeth Miles' children:

7i. William Kendall
Birth: 1527 Norfolk CO., England
Death: 1601 Norfolk CO., England
Wife: Sarah BRAYNE

ii. Samuel Kendall
Birth: 1529 Westmoreland, England

iii. Henry Kendall
Birth: 1531 Westmoreland, England

iv. John Kendall
Birth: 1522 Westmoreland, England
Death: 1628

v. James Kendall
Birth: 1535 Westmoreland, England

vi. Thomas Kendall
Birth: @1537


William Kendall and Sarah Brayne's children:

8i. John Kendall
Birth: 1548 Norfolk CO., England
Death: 1628 Norfolk CO., England
Wife: Mary MILES @1574 Norfolk CO., England

ii. William Kendall
Birth: 1550 Norfolk CO., England

iii. Thomas Kendall
Birth: 1552

iv. James Kendall
Birth: 1554
v. Samuel Kendall
Birth: 1556

vi. Henry Kendall
Birth: 1558


John Kendall and Mary Miles' children:

9i. William Kendall
Birth: 1575 Norfolk CO., England
Death: 1655
Wife 1: Mary LEIGH Aug 5, 1595 England
Wife 2: Elizabeth ARLINGTON Dec 24, 1615 England

ii. Thomas Kendall
Birth: 1577

iii. Miles Kendall

iv. John Kendall
Birth: 1580 Cambridge or Norfolk CO., England
Death: March 21, 1659/60 Cambridge, Middlesex CO., England
Wife: Elizabeth SACKERELL in Mass.

v. Samuel Kendall
Birth: 1582

vi. Edward Kendall
Birth: 1584

vii. Henry Kendall
Birth: 1586


William Kendall and Mary Leigh's (Or perhaps Mary Lucelia LEWIS?) children (1rst wife):

i. John Kendall
Birth: 1597 England

ii. William Kendall
Birth: 1599 England
Death: 1686 Jamestown, VA

iii. Thomas Kendall

William Kendall and Elizabeth Arlington's child (2nd wife):

10i. John Kendall
Birth: 1617
Death: July , 1679
Wife: Susanna SAVAGE June 4, 1667, Accomac CO., VA


John Kendall and Susanna Savage's children:

i. John Kendall
Birth: July 10, 1668
Death: Oct 30, 1689

ii. Susanna Kendall
Birth: Aug 12, 1670
Husband: John HARMONSON June 20, 1688

11iii. Thomas Kendall
Birth: June 27, 1672, Talissoferro CR., Carolina VA
Death: Feb 1, 1719/20 Jett CR. King George CO., VA
Wife: Elizabeth Mary Ann WASHINGTON May 18, 1692 Somerset CO., MD
Burial: Feb 4, 1719/29 Family Farm, Jett CR. King George CO., VA

iv. William Kendall
Birth: Jan 7, 1673/74


Thomas Kendall and Elizabeth Washington's children:

i. Thomas Kendall
Birth: May 20, 1693
Death: June 6, 1716 Poultridge Creek, Richmond VA

12ii. William Kendall SR
Birth: Jan 6, 1694/95 Hanover, King George VA
Death: 1777 Orage CO., VA
Wife: Elizabeth COMBS

iii. John Kendall
Birth:May 19, 1696

iv. James Kendall
Birth: July 11, 1697

v. Henry Kendall
Birth: Jan 5, 1698/99

vi. Mary Kendall
Birth: Oct 26, 1700


William Kendall and Sarah Mason's children:

11i. William Kendall JR
Birth: July 24, 1717 Hanover Parish, Richmond VA
Death: Aug 18, 1790 Overwharton Parish, Richmond VA
Wife: Jemima KIRK May 10, 1738 Overwharton Parish, Richmond VA

ii. George Kendall
Birth: Feb 3, 1720/21

iii. Joshua Kendall
Birth: Jan 29, 1722/23

iv. John Kendall
Birth: June 11, 1725

v. Thomas Kendall
Birth: Dec 24, 1727


William Kendall JR. and Jemima Kirk's children:

i. Jessie Kendall
Birth: Nov 4, 1740 Overwharton Parish, Richmond VA
Death: Nov 18, 1740 Stafford CO., VA

ii. Thomas Kendall
Birth: March 27, 1742 Overwharton Parish, Richmond VA
Death: March 2, 1804
Wife: Margaret ?

iii. George Kendall
Birth: Jan 13, 1743/44 Overwharton Parish, Richmond VA

iv. Anne Kendall
Birth: Dec 16, 1745
Husband: Thomas EDRINGTON

v. John Kendall
Birth: March 21, 1747/48 Overwharton Parish, Richmond VA
Death: April 25, 1791

12vi. Samuel Kendall JR
Birth: Aug 30, 1749 Stafford CO., VA
Death: Nov 20, 1823 Marion CO., WV
Wife: Mary Susanna SMITH March 17, 1780

vii. William Kendall
Birth:Aug 30, 1749 Overwharton Parish, Richmond VA
Death: Sept 26, 1829 Meade CO., KY

viii. Mary Ann Kendall
Birth: April 9, 1752 Overwharton Parish, Richmond VA

iv. Elizabeth Kendall
Birth: April 1, 1754 Overwharton Parish, Richmond VA
Death: 1774
Husband: William PHILLIPS

x. Jeremiah Kendall
Birth: Feb 6, 1758 Overwharton Parish, Richmond, VA
Death: Jan 22, 1843 Uniontown, Fayette CO., PA


Samuel Kendall SR and Mary Smith's children:

i. Samuel Kendall JR
Birth: April 18, 1781 VA
Death: Jan 21, 1854

ii. William Kendall
Birth: April 18, 1781 Winchester, Frederick CO., VA
Death: Jan 18, 1855 Marion CO., WV

iii. Ransom Kendall SR
Birth: June 4, 1782 Farquire CO., VA
Death: Feb 1, 1860

13iv. James Kendall
Birth: June 2, 1789 Monongalia CO., WV
Death: Sept 20, 1867 Marion Co., WV
Wife: Catherine SHUMAN

v. Clarissa Kendall
Birth; 1793 Monongalia CO., WV
Death: 1828
Husband: George III WADE, 1821 Monongalia CO., WV

vi. Ann Kendall
Birth: 1795
Husband: Aaron MUSGROVE, Oct 12, 1823 Morgantown, Monongalia CO., WV


James Kendall and Catherine Shuman's Children:

i. Anarie Kendall
Birth: Monongalia CO., WV
Husband: Ansel AMOS

ii. James Kendall
Birth: Monongalia CO., WV
Wife: Elizabeth FLOYD

iii. Levina Kendall
Birth: Monongalia CO., WV
Husband: John BATSON

iv. Orpha Kendall
Birth: Monongalia CO., WV

v. Zilpah Kendall
Birth: Monongalia CO., WV
Husband: Aaron KERNS

vi. Nancy Kendall
Birth: @1805 Monongalia Co., WV
Husband: James KERNS Aug 30, 1828 Monongalia CO., WV

vii. Sarah Kendall
Birth: 1808 Monongalia CO., WV
Husband: Levi SHUMAN

viii. Ransom Kendall
Birth: March 28, 1816 Marion Co., WV
Death: Oct 12, 1887 Marion CO., WV
Wife: Lydia REX Aug 27, 1838 Marion CO., WV

ix. Rachel Kendall
Birth: @June 1, 1816 Monongalia CO., WV
Death: Oct 12, 1887 Ritchie CO, WV
Husband: Mansfield KENDALL

xi. Jeremiah Kendall
Birth: 1830 Monongalia CO., WV
Death: Tyler CO., WV
Wife: Delilah PARKS Jan 27, 1849 Morgantown, Monongalia CO., WV

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